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En China, niños entre 12 y 17 años fabrican juguetes en condiciones de esclavitud

Trabajan entre 14 y 18 horas. Tienen 15 minutos para comer y cuatro horas para dormir en cuchitriles situados en las mismas fábricas. Al anochecer, las trabajadoras son registradas para comprobar que no han robado nada. Con sus puertas de metal y sus barrotes en las ventanas, estos talleres parecen más un cuartel militar. Así es como los chinos son competitivos.

Montar, empaquetar, montar, empaquetar, montar, empaquetar,… Las 600 jóvenes trabajan como robots, sin levantar la mirada, darse un respiro o hablar entre ellas. Todas han llegado del campo tratando de salir de la pobreza y aquí están, montando y empaquetando muñecos de plástico, entre 14 y 18 horas al día, 15 minutos para comer, permisos reducidos para ir al servicio y cuatro horas para soñar que en realidad no están durmiendo en los cuchitriles situados…

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How many…?

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I opened this group in Facebook (“The 10% Tipping Point”), as an “awareness-meter”.

The aim was to make the easiest way to get a notion of how many of us are aware and awaken, but mainly, how near/far we are of the 10% Tipping Point, which according to scientists, would trigger the so-long-overdued social chain reaction.

It’s not a page, so you cannot just “Like” it, but you can ask for an invitation.

Once you’ve been counted in, please feel free to add any of your friends/contacts you think are aware too.


God for dummies

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Rant of the day

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Hope & pussies

What all Governments want

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And all the children, he warns ”don’t tell,”
Those threats are sold
With their guilt and shame they think they’re to blame
For candyman – oh candyman


The Problem of Evil on the Margin

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Originally posted on Path of the Beagle:

The Problem of Evil was never a problem for me.

I could easily believe that a world with a mixture of good and bad was better than no world at all. I could even believe that God had to allow evil in order to make his glorious plan of redemption meaningful. Perhaps wars must be fought so heroism can have a forum.

Wars, corruption, man’s general inhumanity to man … all this evil on a large scale … I can accept all that.

Rather, it is the small things – what I’ll call evil on the margin.

The Bible says that God “works all things according to the counsel of his will.” In colloquial terms, “It’s all part of God’s plan.” God may work in mysterious ways, but he is at work in every circumstance.

If God is perfect, his plan is perfect. It cannot be improved one iota. Any…

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