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World economy collapse, explained in less than 3 minutes.

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– Ok, let’s try and reach an agreement. Build a certainty.

– Agreed. Let’s go ahead.

– For instance: 2 + 2 = 4

– Why?

– Why what??

– I don’t think so.

– What exactly “you don’t think so”, it wasn’t about opinions, but agreements.

– But we’d come to an agreement based on our opinions, shouldn’t we?

– Yyyeeeeesssssss, bbbbuttt, only partially. There ought to be at least a minimum dose of objective truth in what we agree.

– But the thing is I disagree with that.

– (….)?????!!!!!!

– That way, if you are trying to possess the truth, we’ll get nowhere.

– Hummm, no, I think you misunderstood me: I don’t want to possess the truth, I just want to reach a truth “together”.

– But you are not being respectful with my opinion.

– Oh C’mon, what’s your opinion….

– You are contemning me.

– Me? When? How?

– Now! Don’t you see?

– Let’s go back to the start. With which part of “2 + 2 = 4” you disagree?

– But that way, you are taking me to your own logic.

– Well, what is you logic then?

– For example, that the first “2” cannot be the same as the second “2”.

– You mean the first term in the equation can be different than 2, and the same for the second? Meaning that 1+3=4 too?

– No, I mean the first “2” is not equal to the second, for one is before and the other is after.

– And …. how does that affect the equation?

– What does it matter how that affects the equation? What matters is that it’s my opinion and you are nobody to stop me.

– You are right, I’m nobody…

– And another example, 0 + 4 also equals 4.

– That’s true. I haven’t thought of that.

– You see? How you are being parcial, and have a biased perspective on reality?

– You’re right, I see. Shall we continue later? What’s your opinion?

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Elections in the U.S.A.

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What about Indi?

The incomprehensible triumph of the vote:

If Romney wins, then Obama wins, and Goldman Sachs wins, and the Establishment wins. Even Harrison Ford might win.

But beware!!! On the contrary, if Obama wins, then Romney wins, and Goldman Sachs wins, and the Establishment wins. And of course, again, even Harrison Ford could win.

You see? How vital it is that you cast your vote?


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While a gobbsmacking technology allows man to confirm that the closest exoplanet outside the Solar System has been identified in Alpha Centauri, a hurricane is capable of putting Long Island beside Cuba.

Moreover, it’s becoming evident that a global synchronic financial crisis, is letting the First World population as close as can be, to that of the Third World.

We will keep reporting.

Stay tuned.