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Preparing 9-11

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Aprovecho la circunstancia de la “desaparición sin vida” de JRV, para recapitular un poco.

Las coincidentes dictaturas militares en toda Latinoamérica en la década de los 70’s no eran casualidad, sino que todas ellas respondían a una estrategia de formación durante los años de la Guerra Fría, bajo la Doctrina de la Seguridad Nacional, para combatir en el propio territorio de cada país, al terrorismo comunista. Esta formación se impartió en la “Escuela de las Américas”.

No habrá datos (quién los tenga que los aporte) de si el terrorismo interno, fue o no financiado por los mismos poderes, pero lo cierto que bajo la excusa de la lucha armada, estas dictaduras eran el brazo armado de políticas conservadoras y neo-liberales, que en ningún modo se hubieran podido imponer en contextos democráticos.

Por ello, las fuerzas que impulsaban estas dictaduras, siguen presentes y de ninguna manera podemos pensar que rige aquello de “muerto el perro se acabó la rabia”, ahora bajo mecanismos mucho más sutiles de “pseudo-democracias”.


The End

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It won’t happen that way. They won’t come all of a sudden, from one day to the other. They are wise and clever, so as to do such thing.

You won’t have military or police forces kicking your doors down, to arrest you, and your family. They will not burn your books. They will not fire laser beams from outer space. They will not trigger a WWIII. All those are too blunt tactics, but mostly, they know they would be putting at risks their own lives.

No, it will be more subtle, more imperceptible.
In fact, it has already started, without too many noticing it yet.

One day, as it has happened to too many already, you will find it difficult to pay your mortgage. Then, your economy will shrink slightly more, and you won’t be able to pay for the oil/gas of your car. You will have to sell both, your house and your car, and see yourself having to rent an appartment, and travel by public transport. Nothing of your own. I know, there are millions of people that have been living that way for years, but not you.

Then it will be Education. No more free public education. You’ll have to work like a slave just for your kids to learn barely, to read and write. Same with your health. After that, you will be left with no tap water, unless you pay (considerable sums) for it.

And you will have no option, you won’t be able to have a B Plan, i.e.: escaping to the woods and seek for your own sustenance, for it will already be forbidden and illegal. You will have to even pay for every second of your life.

What will be your choices then? You’ll be free to survive, or free to die.

In fact, that’s exactly what the Bible says, isn’t it?


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First, they teach you that your life  (as life in general), is the most precious gift you could have been given.
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Then, they tell you to give it away: they send you to a war, they enslave you at their wish, they make you eat what they decide, you have healthcare at the most profitable way for them.
But before that, they instruct you to take care of it, you cannot ruin it, you have to do something “decent” of it.
But not as if it was of your own.
You are in charge of the custody of a life that’s yours, but not yours.
It’s being preserved by you, for them to take it from you whenever they like – in perfect conditions.

Whose life is your life, then?

Stop feeding the Beast.

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The issue with the Beast is that we have never seen it.

But we know it’s there, and we know it must look as gorgeous as Scarlett, and not like any of the images below.

The Beast must be appealing. It’s the only way for it to attract you to its jaws.

At the beginning of times, humans used to blame it on Nature, like when some day a group were crossing the woods and bumped into a giant pile of shit. Of course in the back of their minds they knew it couldn’t be an act of Nature, but the truth was so unbearable, so horrid, that it was way preferrable to avoid the notion that a being of such a size, was real and alive.

From time to time, towns were destroyed, countries invaded and, of course, people devoured by the Beast. But as long as it wasn’t you …  Now, by the end 2012 (in the vespers of the End of the World), we know it. We know it does exist (if we even believe in God, how couldn’t us accept there is a power in this world that sends billions of people to starvation and death).

We know we must fight it.

We are just putting the battle off.

Why is that?

I don’t think anymore it’s because we are denying the truth, or we are blind. I’d rather think that we are making our minds, we are assessing the risks, gathering the wisdom (like the proverb says), to tell things we can change from those we can not. No one sensible goes to a battle without a strategy, some tactics and some chances to win.

The Beast has advantage. It has been dominating people for ages, so it knows how it goes.

Thousands of years ago, mankind was disconnected. When a small town was invaded in any part of the world, it meant anything to the rest of the world. Five hundred years ago, since old Empires became global, a strict control was applied on issues of State and politics. And the populace had no other options than to obey. Nowadays, we have the information, we have the means to communicate, to organize ourselves, and most important, to SURVIVE.

We just have to make a decision of how, when, and where, and make it happen.

For the first time in History, Freedom will have to be conquered by all of us, not “some”, nor “many”, or “almost all”: ALL OF US.

There’s no other way out.

Societies will have to be inclusive and emphatic, or will end up being a mere reflection of any grotty corporation’s structure.

So, where do we start?

It’s not that difficult. Before doing anything else, consider this:

Stop feeding the beast

Cut the flow. Let it know you are not as vulnerable as you were, because you took control on your own life.

This translates in two simple actions:

  • stop voting (The Beast is sustained on you being fully accountable for the situation, you have been in collusion with it, whether you knew it or not)
  • stop consuming senselessly (It also needs desperately your compulsive spending, in order to keep the circle/cycle running)

Changes in our societies, can no longer be conceived as “fate”. To their “designed crisis” we must respond with organized change.

But believe me only in this:

You don’t have to believe me. Just believe in yourself.

Demon Beast

Should we read, or better believe we are still responsible for this mess…?

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“If you owe the bank $100, that’s your problem.

If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank problem.”

J. Paul Getty (1892-1976)