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“…. basta ser mínimamente honesto para entenderlo.”

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The Right-eous?

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With exactly the same amount of certainty that Socialism (Communism is dead, remember?) has its share of corruption and greed for power, it’s almost useless to discuss whether right-wing political parties are liberal or not or if they tend to benefit the status-quo, rather than support an open society, with equal opportunities for anyone who wants to improve.

There are too many complaints from people who actually believe in Liberalism, about politicians (never mind if they are in power or not), who are supposed to represent this ideology, who seldom put to practice what they preach. Continue reading

This old lady …

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… has been among us since long ago.

Praised by very few, quite known for some of us, and ignored by the majority, she is not beautiful, although she is not awful either. But in spite of her lack of appeal, those of us who had something like a close relationship with her, fell under her spell, without even noticing it.

She can help us in many ways and in the broadest sense. We can come up to her for advice, regarding a day-to-day issue, as well as for a very deep trouble. Everything is simple under her point of view, because of all her knowledge but mostly for her wisdom. She has the skills to address any issue flawlessly, self-assured, although she doesn’t make any effort to conceal when in doubt. Continue reading

No Glory For “Old Glory” (via Life Is Musical)

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“You can’t spout the ideals of a free economy yet seek regulations for your own benefit.”
Love this!!!!!

No Glory For "Old Glory" I refuse to fly the American flag.  Flat refuse.  Won't do it.  To me, the American flag is a symbol of failure.  It is a symbol of a country that could have been great — and was very nearly great — but has moved further and further from greatness. Our country was founded upon the principles of Life, Liberty, and Property for all men, yet we've continued to take those things away from people.  We fought against an oppressive monarchy, and inste … Read More

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Our Shared History (via PLUG)

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Thought and philosophy coming from ourselves.

It is scandalous in the face of the current political landscape (the alleged failure of multiculturalism) that so few people know their history. Why are we acquiescent in the face of this hollowness? Too many of our present ‘problems’ have a direct relationship with the Dutch colonial past. The active will to change society requires knowledge (of one's past) and a moral imperative. However, in order to change a situation you have to see it for wh … Read More

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The printing press

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Printed texts are now second nature to all of us. It must have been amazing living by the time the press changed human knowledge, information and culture

Crisis & paradigms – Are you afraid of ghosts?

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There’s a constant tension between individual and collective matters. And individual ones must be kept within certain limits in order to make a coherent whole, being it called “culture”, “religion”, “beliefs”, “tradition”, and so on.

Tradition (and in times like Easter, becomes quite evident) helps us fill the emptiness. By following traditional customs, we avoid having to decide what to do great part of our time. Otherwise, it would be a huge effort to think, plan and execute activities for such an amount of time in one’s life.

There are other “tools” society created to keep people thinking in a similar way: paradigms or utopias. That way, although there are differences between each one of us, we all tend to move in only one general and predictable direction.

Examples of utopias and paradigms are: Continue reading