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KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

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Maybe there are some of us who still don’t know the meaning of KPIs.

Some of us, instead, might hardly spend a week at work without hearing the expression.

I’m getting tired and upset of hearing about our performances, of effectiveness, productivity at our work, with the outcome of millions of us being made redundant.

I wish we, citizens, could in turn, propose, develop and appraise KPIs for our representatives, and the public thing (Res-publica), as well as in the private corporations environment.

On the other hand, when I try to put things in perspective in our globalized society, many things hardly fit together.

Let’s explore some of what could perfectly be considered as our societies achieved KPIs:

1.- Space Race:

In slightly more than half a century, man managed to land on the moon, put a robot on Mars surface, send a telescope to space to survey the limits of the Universe.

2.- Technology:

In less than 25 years, computers left the big and cumbersome computer centres to become instant, light, cordless and ubiquitous devices integrated in mobile telephone handsets. Not to mention the evolution Internet underwent in the past 15 years.

3.- Travel:

France and Great Britain were capable to develop an airplane that in spite of having proved being unsustainable, actually revolutionised commercial air travel. The path was lit for the future and quite next space travel and tourism.

4.- Weaponry:

Either ground, sea or air machines, reached a state-of-the-art that ranges from unmanned drone planes, to stealth sea battle ships. Missiles have also been part of an amazing evolution both in power and in guidance technology.


I’m listing it separately for maybe it’s one of the most unexpected leaks from military technology to everyday life.  We can now position ourselves no matter where in the world we are, and send our position through our mobiles to all our friends, as well as locate our pictures with a precision equal to that of NASA.

6.- Webcams:

Altogether with many of the KPIs above, I choose webcams not for the simple fact that you could broadcast your life in real time into the WWW, but mainly because through them, we could be in position to see almost ANYTHING WE’D WANT TO. And if we can’t, it’s not due to a technological issue.

I’m sure that any of you who will read this post, being in the industry that you are, will be able to make a more exhaustive and thorough list of the respective cutting-edge breakthroughs.

However, I wish someone could explain to me in the most rational terms, how all the previous magnificent achievements of man, match with the following chronologically ordered facts and how no one could prevent/foresee them in time:

1.- 911 attacks to WTC and Pentagon

2.- Enron/Arthur Andersen crisis

3.- Lehman Brothers bankruptcy

4.- Global financial synchronic crisis

Any CEO in the world, who failed to obtain acceptable results as per in the objectives of the company (not to say show losses) in a balance sheet, would be – correct me if I’m wrong – fired immediately, no matter what.

So how is it that nobody was held responsible for the occurrence of those big four failures of the “most secure” both military and financial systems in the world?

How many organisms have accountability in the above facts?

Why is it that apparently, we have to believe in good faith, that all of them were unpredictable events?

Why do we believe so?

Don’t YOU have ANY questions?

Representing who?

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“Counterfeiting & piracy cost 1000s of #jobs yearly. Americans rightfully expect to be fairly compensated 4 their work. I’m optimistic that we can reach compromise on PROTECT IP in coming week.” (Senator Harry Reid said in Twitter).

I simply don’t get it.

Hypocrites, they express concern for thousands of jobs lost yearly, presumably due to “piracy”, and want to vote a law to control Internet sharing and, in the end, individual freedom.

Meanwhile, MILLIONS are losing their jobs and are sent to unemployment worldwide, and seems that the situation does not deserve any kind of regulation to the financial markets.

An era that lasted hundreds of years is about to end, we can wait for the change to take whatever time is needed, or we can make it happen right away.

Let’s stay alert.

Politics and Internet

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 (Image borrowed from “Life Examinations” blog)

Same as in other fields, Internet is by far more enabling, than the way it’s currently being used.

Although Modern Movement developed its philosophy based in already existing materials, social structure and imagery, it exceeded by far the expectations of its time. In fact, there are examples that “look” modern even today, after more than 80 years.

However, being “avant-garde” ( is much more about innovation, than invention. It doesn’t bring creation out of nothing (although Modern Movement claimed a “tabula-rasa” status to be imperative as a starting point). It’s a fact that not only Alvar Aalto, Mies van der Rohe or Walter Gropius based their designs on the background of traditional architecture, but even Le Corbusier proved to be more “traditional” than he was considered to be.

What I mean by this is that, even when we are being able to get access to it from our phones and it seems it has already flooded our everyday life, Internet is still today at a very primitive stage. There is much more ahead to explore than what has been already developed, and it is not a matter of new technologies but just to put our imagination to work and think all its potential still to be unveiled.

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