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Like a Rolling Stone

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When I started this blog, I never dreamed one day I would post an article from the famous magazine Rolling Stone.

However, today I’m pretty sure the occasion well deserves my making the exception.

I couldn’t care less if anyone thinks I’m doing free advertising to the mag, I don’t give a ….. I never read Rolling Stone either.

The fact is, this popular product of the media, is publicly stating through one of its’ editors, that all the plot is absolutely true, and asking for forgiveness from all so-called “conspiracy theorists”.

Maybe it’s all a smoke screen. Maybe not.

Read the article and have your own opinion.


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While a gobbsmacking technology allows man to confirm that the closest exoplanet outside the Solar System has been identified in Alpha Centauri, a hurricane is capable of putting Long Island beside Cuba.

Moreover, it’s becoming evident that a global synchronic financial crisis, is letting the First World population as close as can be, to that of the Third World.

We will keep reporting.

Stay tuned.

Stupid thing

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I’ll try to keep my language under proper manners.

What does this prize mean?

No, I’m not asking myself “why” it has been awarded to the European Union, but “HOW”!!!

What kind of illumination has descended on the famous Academy’s brains?

What will be next, then? The Moon? The Internet? The WHO (meaning the World Health Organization, but it could well also be the rock band)? The NATO?

Or even SEX? If I follow the structure of the explanation for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe, I would rather consider that sex has achieved the goal of providing tens of thousands of years of peace, and pleasure to mankind.

I want to separate the EU from the Euro. The Euro is under attack, which from my point of view (and I may be somewhat ignorant at this point) is utterly irrelevant, since most currencies are in similar situation.  But the EU has shown to be a huge elephant, the biggest bureaucracy man has ever invented.

The EU has not been able to stop (let alone “prevent”), the current crisis, moving with the flow of the global capital markets, and their carefully planned strategy of market of debt.

“The Nobel awards an EU that has been ruling for the banks, for the financial power, at the expense of drowning people, more and more each time: In Spain, the poverty index already reaches the 26,4% – the highest of all the EU -, while the Top Ten richest in the Spanish Stock Exchange, increased their wealth by an 8% in 2011.” (Original full article in Spanish).

Today, a man has set a new record of free fall, and both altitude and speed. I find this much more sensible as a new leap for humanity, than the emptiness of a Nobel Prize sent to the WC.

Occupy Trafalgar Square, or Bank, or Monument, or Buckingham Palace, or 10 Downing St ….

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“This morning, British investment bank Barclays announced that its CEO Bob Diamond would immediately resign in the wake of a massive fine over manipulating interest rates a few years ago.

Specifically, Barclays has been accused of submitting false numbers about the rate at which it was borrowing money, skewing LIBOR (which is an index measuring the rate at which banks borrow money).

Diamond will be at a government hearing tomorrow, and in preparation for that, Barclays has submitted a stunning letter to the government, basically accusing the Bank of England of being the real conspirator behind the interest rate manipulation scheme.”

Read more:

Hail Merkel! Hail Markets!

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I still cannot see the determination with which too many people put the stress on the fact that we seem to lack of hope, of love and that we have been living over the top. We do know this, and as I’ve already said, we are already “paying” and being punished for such an outrageous slip.

The same that at our individual level we must deal with each other’s lives, there are issues that if they don’t, they SHOULD CONCERN US ALL, at the same time than our private matters.



This news published today in the WSJ (nothing’s been shown in The Economist web site so far), is a flagrant expression of despotism from the markets, to sentence Spain to decades of submission. Do they deserve it? Not more than the northamericans, or the netherlanders, or the british or the french. None of these people, should be caught in this dreadful and modern, sophisticated, slavery game.

p.s.: Once I finished writing, I was wondering should I tag this post in “Democracy”. What do you think?

Stay tuned. We’ll know shortly…

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” …

Outside Germany, a consensus has developed on what Mrs Merkel must do to preserve the single currency. It includes shifting from austerity to a far greater focus on economic growth; complementing the single currency with a banking union (with euro-wide deposit insurance, bank oversight and joint means for the recapitalisation or resolution of failing banks); and embracing a limited form of debt mutualisation to create a joint safe asset and allow peripheral economies the room gradually to reduce their debt burdens. This is the refrain from Washington, Beijing, London and indeed most of the capitals of the euro zone. Why hasn’t the continent’s canniest politician sprung into action?

… “

Admittedly, I’m in a dilemma:

I certainly feel in close agreement to the statements of the article, but, coming from The Economist, I distrust.

What then? Who should one believe in?

Actually, in no one.

At this point, I don’t need The Economist to tell me what to think. The only advantage I can see in these ideas being published in the famous weekly magazine is the fact that maybe (just maybe) some more people will stop thinking this crisis will be solved with austerity and budget control.

The other thing that is undeniably true is that Mrs. Merkel has “that” power today.

Will anyone do something about it?


Should we read, or better believe we are still responsible for this mess…?

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“If you owe the bank $100, that’s your problem.

If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank problem.”

J. Paul Getty (1892-1976)