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The accuracy, precision and pulchritude with which, any democratic election is carried out in the world, is inversely proportional to the strength of the binding between the platform of the winning party and the final execution of their acts of government.

That expectable strictness in the process only goes to show how ”transparent” the system is, when handling people’s will, although that transparency starts to blur only hours after the cast of the result.

Like mistresses of the powerful, we resign ourselves to play this cheap ”role”, of being carefully listened to, or at least carefully allowed to speak once a while, and with hardly any effect on reality.

The second alibi for this consulting mechanism is for politicians and ruling govs to have a cover for their acts by making people accountable, even for the most unforeseen measures and decisions.

That  supposed accountability, is what turns your abstention into guilt, if you don’t have your two feet firmly standing on the ground of conviction.

The perfect storm

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It’s not about the movie, but I’d like to apply the concept of simultaneous events adding their forces to create a major one, which consequences will be further more than just the sum of the outcomes of each of them, separately.

An airplane brought down would be an example of such conditions, since being safety measures in commercial aviation more than redundant, the only possibility for such a terrible catastrophe to happen, is the coincidence of many factors at one time, since one of them, even some of them, would not be enough to cause the disaster.

It would be a great exercise to find the “perfect storms” that happened to mankind all through its history, in order to try to prevent future ones occurring, taking out, obviously, those caused by natural forces.

I would say that in the past, scale was a factor that had it’s benefic impact: when two cultures engaged in a war, Continue reading