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What Happened to Capitalism? (via “The rude guy”)

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A neighbor of mine asked me what to tell his right wing friends who say socialists just want free handouts from the government.

I said: tell them the Big Banks just got over $7 trillion in handouts from the government and the Federal Reserve. At the current rate that equals about 100 years of handouts to the poor. Right now we have socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. When the poor make a mistake they suffer. When the rich make a mistake they get a government bailout.

The Right-eous?

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With exactly the same amount of certainty that Socialism (Communism is dead, remember?) has its share of corruption and greed for power, it’s almost useless to discuss whether right-wing political parties are liberal or not or if they tend to benefit the status-quo, rather than support an open society, with equal opportunities for anyone who wants to improve.

There are too many complaints from people who actually believe in Liberalism, about politicians (never mind if they are in power or not), who are supposed to represent this ideology, who seldom put to practice what they preach. Continue reading