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The awkwardness of a philosophical approach, or manifesto against specialization

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Philosophy is not a direct way to any end, not straightforward at all. If anyone is in the search for immediate and clear action, then philosophy is not the most suitable tool.

There will (must) always be a pursuance of an absolute value of truth under any philosophical exercise. Therefore, methodologies, tools, approaches from relativity, cannot be considered ends in themselves, within philosophy’s disciplinary scope.

The struggle of Philosophy is a constant tension between autonomy & heteronomy (ownness /alienation). It cannot rely on it’s own knowledge and the subject’s framework for the acquisition of a definite truth on any issue. Thought must, at many times, vanish, melt, blend with the object of study, and to some extent, even disappear, and let the essence of it emerge. For every time a new edge, tone, shade, is shown, the whole framework must be redefined.

Any specialization in any field of knowledge, being scientific or cultural, means some level of matching your own core vision, interests, and skills with respective necessities of Society, for which you would be recognized and paid. Under this scope, there’s little adaptation to a changing reality, with changing requirements.

All specialized professionals, researchers, prepare through their whole life to develop their careers in a predictable path. There is no other way to go in depth in any field. And the more specialized you become, the more you need to go deeper in that specific knowledge. There’s no way back.

From its’ predictability, security, and constructive underlying structure, specialization constitutes a comfort zone, in which the specialists already know both, questions and the ways that lead to the answers. There are hardly any surprises, and there is absolutely no room for changes or unexpected events. Everything must be utterly under control. But as in any conceptual framework, the closer you look at any particularity, the less vision you have of the general scope. So, the scientific approach leaves out great deal of issues, mostly and worryingly, a holistic approach to reality as a totality. This lack of general vision, would oblige to rely in the confidence that someone else, or some social entities, are looking after the common interest so you can concentrate in your small part of reality.

On the other hand, if you had spent your whole life embedded in any field of science, unless you had been very well trained and prepared to face a new conception of everything, it would be perceived as a threat. Moreover, you’ll even try to avoid the slightest idea of any changes in your environment, that could dismantle your reality. It could be said that scientists and specialists are reluctant to change, if coming from outside their field of knowledge.

I’m not saying we can do without specialization. Quite on the contrary, they are unavoidably necessary.

What I’m coming up with, is the notion that specialists should only address and be summoned for issues belonging to their own field of expertise.

Global, holistic, strategic and comprehensive matters ought to be left only to philosophers, who will search for the truth no matter what.

What’s the proposal for the new society?

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I’m talking about the Society you and I are contributing to build.

They (but wait …. who the hell are they? well ….. we know already) might want to impose strict concealed regulations in the flow of wealth in the world, in a way that, just by manipulating the gauge, they control our quality (quality??) of life, no, not the quality but OUR LIFE.

Under this new perspective we will have to consent one of the following options:

a) Resign ourselves and realize that, actually, it has always been like this, only that until now, they had not been THAT GREEDY.

b) Become aware that we might, possibly, have something to say (and eventually, DO).

We are being lied on our faces day after day, but the most violent side of this is that we should accept that deception with the widest smile.

We are being asked either to go to the slaughterhouse with a stupid smile, under the argument that it is our destiny. Vast portions of society are either simply – redundant, or being kept alive, but again, with a stupid smile. This smile is slightly different than the previous one, since it hides the anxiety that you won’t know when it’s going to be your turn.

Meanwhile, with that fixed smile – like a curse you can’t get rid of – you avoid looking at your sides, your neighbours, your relatives, your friends, who, to a greater or lesser extent, are suffering the same depreciation than yourself.

This is an ideal time for entrepreneurship, for challenging your own limits, for breaking through.

Don’t get fooled. Those who are preaching are just expecting you to give in every single remaining penny you might have. What they are conveying is that you shouldn’t need precisely what they want from you. It’s a concealed order for you to turn yourself in.

Take a look around.

Take a minute to think.

Is this what you want?

Happy to go blind

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Summer stretching on the grass… summer dresses pass

In the shade of a willow tree creeps a crawling over me
Over me and over you stuck together with God’s glue
It’s going to get stickier too…
It’s been a long hot summer
Let’s go undercover
Don’t try too hard to think… don’t think at all

I’m not the only one starin’ at the sun
Afraid of what you’d find if you took a look inside
Not just deaf and dumb i’m staring at the sun
Not the only one who’s happy to go blind

There’s an insect in your ear if you scratch it won’t disappear
It’s gonna itch and burn and sting
Do you want to see what the scratching brings
Waves that leave me out of reach
Breaking on your back like a beach…
Will we ever live in peace?
Cause those that can’t do often have to
Those that can’t do often have to… preach

To the ones staring at the sun…
Afraid of what you’ll find if you took a look inside
Not just deaf and dumb… staring at the sun
I’m not the only one who’d rather go blind

Intransigence is all around… military is still in town
Armour plated suits and ties… daddy just won’t say goodbye
Referee won’t blow the whistle God is good but will HE listen
I’m nearly great
But there’s something I’m missing I left in the duty free
Though you never really belonged to me

You’re not the only one staring at the sun
Afraid of what you’d find if you stepped back inside
I’m not sucking my thumb I’m staring at the sun
Not the only one who’s happy to go blind

What is this all about?

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You could tell me that it’s about finding out the truth. Then, I’d say “Yes, but that’s just the beginning”. Which wouldn’t yet mean to be a minor issue.

However, it’s much deeper, it’s about asking WHY? WHO? and WHAT FOR?

Because, to solve all these issues, would allow us become aware that we had been deceived for so long, just for all the perpetrators get away with their purposes, whoever they are, for whatever reason.

That’s what ougth to be brought into light.

Bear with this….

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Copied from the Video:

“Ten years ago I was a freshman in college sitting in a physics classroom. I watched the 9/11 attacks on TV with my professors and classmates. When we first saw the towers go down, our initial conclusion was that they had been blown up. I left campus that day with a friend and drove out to the country expecting a scene like the movie “Red Dawn” to unfold. When nothing happened I went back to my normal way of student life and never thought about or questioned what I saw on TV that day until 4 years later when I watched a documentary about the attacks which piques my interest.
I began my research as a skeptic with scientific training and background, but soon began to uncover overwhelming evidence of a larger conspiracy. I decided to devote all my time towards uncovering and exposing the truth in order to bring justice to the thousands who lost their lives that tragic day. 

This video is a compilation of all the best evidence I have found in the past 6 years of research I have done into 9/11. My aim is to encourage viewers to support the victim’s families plea for a new investigation of 9/11 and give them the specific areas and people who I feel should be investigated most. 

Thanks, please comment below if you would like additional sources and research material for topics covered in this video.”

John Oneil (Able Danger) flight training:
1. Four hijackers’ ID’d as al-Qaeda before 9/11, officer says…
2. 9/11 Commission’s Staff Rejected Report on Early Identification of Chief Hijacker
3. Former assistant director of the FBI and an expert on terrorism John O’Neill starts his first day of work at the WTC. (Sep, 10, 2001)
4. Officer Says Pentagon Barred Sharing Pre-9/11 Qaeda Data With F.B.I.
5. Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in ’00
6. Much Larger Able Danger Archive: 

Henry Kissinger:
1. November 29, 2002 – President Bush names former Secretary of State, former National Security advisor, and former Unocal consultant Henry Kissinger to head the “independent” 9/11 investigations.
2. December 12, 2002 – Democrats want Henry Kissinger to name his business clients.
3. December 13, 2002 – Henry Kissinger resigns as head of 9/11 commission.

Rumsfeld Trillions:
1. September 10, 2001 – Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announces that the Pentagon has lost track of $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS of military spending. (DOD) (Live footage of the speech)

Ex. CIA-director, former President, and President Bush’s Dad, George H.W. Bush, meets with one of Osama Bin Laden’s brothers at a Carlyle business conference in Washington D.C.

9/11 – Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL) and Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL) — the chairmen of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees — along with Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ) and some other members of the House Intelligence Committee are in a meeting at the Capital building with the director of Pakistani intelligence (ISI), Lt. Gen. Mahmud Ahmad, who authorized a $100,000 wire transfer to alleged lead 9/11 hijacker, Mohamed Atta.




Unanswered Questions About 9/11 (via )

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Official 9/11 Fairy Tale Posted on September 11, 2011 by Barbara Peterson Barb’s note: This was originally sent to me via e-mail by Eric. It was tracked down to a comment on Telegraph Article “Charlie Sheen urges Barack Obama to reopen 9/11 investigation in video message,” with the ending paragraph added by LiveLeak.   The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this… Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-dr … Read More


9/11 Truth: Boston Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon – 9/11 Was An Inside Job! (via Socio-Economics History Blog)

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You might think that if you were the pilot of any fighter jet sent to intercept the hijacked airplanes, you might have found yourself in a very hard dilemma.
However, we must also assume, military jet pilots are trained and well aware that these situations can happen.
There are protocols to deal with issues like those.
However, we keep on rejecting any fact that conceals what’s impossible to c0nceal.


Boston Air Traffic Controller Says 9/11 An Inside Job by Paul Joseph Watson, A former Boston Center air traffic controller has gone public on his assertion that 9/11 was an inside job and that Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon tracked three of the four flights from the point of their hijacking to hitting their targets. In an astounding telephone interview, Robin Hordon claims air traffic controllers have been ignored or silenc … Read More

via Socio-Economics History Blog