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Cockroaches lose sweet tooth to survive – Evolution rocks!

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Even cockroaches do better with poison, than us.


For decades, people have been getting rid of cockroaches by setting out bait mixed with poison. But in the late 1980s, in an apartment test kitchen in Florida, something went very wrong.

A killer product stopped working. Cockroach populations there kept rising. Mystified researchers tested and discarded theory after theory until they finally hit on the explanation: In a remarkably rapid display of evolution at work, many of the cockroaches had lost their sweet tooth, rejecting the corn syrup meant to attract them.

In as little as five years, the sugar-rejecting trait had become so widespread that the bait had been rendered useless…

In a study published Thursday in the journal Science, entomologist Jules Silverman and other researchers explain the workings of the genetic mutation that gave some roaches a competitive advantage that enabled them to survive and multiply.

The key is certain neurons that signal the brain about foods.

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We simply cannot accept this anymore

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Judeo-Christian tradition, and so is preached by the Catholic Church, sustains the belief that each newly born human being, carries with her/him a sin she/he has not committed; judged guilty even before they start breathing. Just for being alive.

Governments are setting up a system by which, each newly born human being, has a debt she/he hasn’t asked for, and that will bond her/him to commitments she/he hadn’t consent, just for having been born.


La tradición Judeo-cristiana, y así lo predica la Iglesia Católica, sostiene la creencia de que cada ser humano recién nacido, trae consigo un pecado que no cometió, es culpable, aún sin siquera haber empezado a respirar. Únicamente por vivir.
Los gobiernos están montando un sistema por el cual, cada humano recién nacido, trae consigo una deuda que no contrajo, y que lo atará a compromisos no asumidos por él, únicamente por haber nacido.


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Aprovecho la circunstancia de la “desaparición sin vida” de JRV, para recapitular un poco.

Las coincidentes dictaturas militares en toda Latinoamérica en la década de los 70’s no eran casualidad, sino que todas ellas respondían a una estrategia de formación durante los años de la Guerra Fría, bajo la Doctrina de la Seguridad Nacional, para combatir en el propio territorio de cada país, al terrorismo comunista. Esta formación se impartió en la “Escuela de las Américas”.

No habrá datos (quién los tenga que los aporte) de si el terrorismo interno, fue o no financiado por los mismos poderes, pero lo cierto que bajo la excusa de la lucha armada, estas dictaduras eran el brazo armado de políticas conservadoras y neo-liberales, que en ningún modo se hubieran podido imponer en contextos democráticos.

Por ello, las fuerzas que impulsaban estas dictaduras, siguen presentes y de ninguna manera podemos pensar que rige aquello de “muerto el perro se acabó la rabia”, ahora bajo mecanismos mucho más sutiles de “pseudo-democracias”.


Not yours

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Not your

Can’t sleep …

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Could you kindly explain to me why is it that kings and queens of modern european parliamentary monarchies, refer to their respective people as “citizens”, and not what they really are, i.e.: “subjects”?



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Disk Defrag

Not so long ago, I came up with the idea that our society (and here, please consider “society” as broad as you can, meaning every single human being on Earth, and the resulting total of all of us), should undergo a process of “de-fragmentation”.

Yes, like we were bits and Bytes, spread all over the Hard Disk, and that we should start the tool running at once, so we could slowly form homogeneous groups, with common interests, with common aims. The groups once identified, would be put together in the cyberspace, like in Social Media groups, or blogging “space”, so they could process information much faster and more effectively.

Historically, we (bits and Bytes) have been split in different sectors of the HD, and didn’t even get to know there were other b&B similar to each one of us. We could not even imagine one day we could form these “groups”.  So in fact, a new social process is taking place, when people meet “digitally”, and share experiences, thoughts, emotions, etc.

Could this lead to a complete defrag of the HD? Could we lead this “application” or “tool” by ourselves? Do we need any order of “Run” from the System to start defragging?

Well, I have to be honest: some days I’m positively sure about it, some days I just hope so, some I fall in deep disappointment.

Today, I am in one of the latter ones.

In the roller-coaster, it’s the turn of full-throttle-skepticism, and I feel we are immersed in hypocrisy, looking for beautiful words of wisdom, to get yourself going, to strive in your aims while, the truth be told, just try and put your head down, that it will be seconds before you’ll feel a foot pressing down.

Is it maybe, that our society is far more rigid than a HD containing digital information to be put together?

Could it be that we form a giant book, in which we are letters that form sentences, then paragraphs, then chapters, and finally a full story? Because if so, then those in Chapter I, would never make it to meet the ones that have been printed on the last page. Even more, you wouldn’t get the chance to even meet those above or below yourself on the same page. We are all fixed in our minimal portion of sheet of paper.

And if so, do we make any sense together?

Has anyone written us all?

Do we convey any message when read in conjunction?

No, no. Allow me today to be as skeptic as I can. We are not a beautiful story.

We are merely a Scrabble box, where all the letters are mixed together, and only come to form words that make sense, if some players decide to play.  Which is no good news either, for even when put together, we might just come across with what? maybe two or three more words, best case scenario? Could we try to form any words on our own? Could we somehow agree on which our message ought to be?

I distrust anyone that lived beyond their 40s.

No one completely honest and truly committed to humanism, could make it too far in their lives, just think of JFK, John Lennon, even Jesus Christ. Do some research and you’ll find amazing (as well as scary) results.

Stop fooling yourself: the world is wonderful, but just as long as you manage to forget (or conceal) you have to kill someone everyday to survive.

Until the day it will be you the one to get busted.