What all Governments want


One Response to “What all Governments want”

  1. Citizenkant Says:

    One doesn’t need to be god damn bright to end up realizing that what we call Industrial Revolution started a process towards a society in which Robots do all the effort and a few guys take all the profit without putting any effort. Of course this doesn’t state clearly which kind of robot would, in that given future, be considered the most economic kind of robot ever in accordance to the second principle of thermodynamics (but one can imagine), nor, whom in this economically perfect new brave world would be called truly Human.

    Those are things that only Ethics can define. That’s why some people decided that the smartest thing to do is to brake into the center of Law, which is not God but the Government, in order to create a new line of Ethics in accordance to the second principle of thermodynamics…

    Now it’s not about what all Governments want anymore, but what all Governments are. Governments are the graphical interface of Money’s power. Governments are Money trying to look as if were Law in order to turn Law into money in front of our naked eyes.

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