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Let’s hope this is serious, and not just one more conference.

Department for E-Governance

The International Conference on e-Democracy and Open Government-Asia 2012 (CeDEM-Asia-2012) is a forum that aims to bring together academics, researchers, policy-makers, industry professionals, and civil society activists to discuss the role of social and mobile media in the future of governance in Asia and elsewhere. CeDEM-Asia-2012 will be held on November 14-15 in Singapore.

Call for Papers

New means of interacting with government and political institutions are causing significant shifts in political and social life. The emerging social and mobile media practices, including content generation, collaboration, and network organization, are changing our understanding of governance and politics. While the changes are already widely debated in mature, developed democracies, there is an even greater need to address them in the context of rapidly developing Asian societies. Following five successful conferences at the Danube University of Krems, CeDEM is looking to open a new forum in Asia for the exchange of ideas…

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Under the Mountain Bunker

For swimming pools like this:

Source: ur-banize

Jobs created (estimated): pool boy, swimming waiter (?), sunscreen applier, nose wiper, towel holder…

Jobs destroyed: pay no attention to the companies that went into bankruptcy and the massive layoffs so this millionaire would get a large end-of-the-year bonus and / or stock dividends (taxed at a lower rate than our income).  Brand new minimum-wage jobs might be just around the corner for the newly unemployed!


National Journal’s Jim Tankersley reported today that the wonkfest’s organizers decided not to post the video of a TED presentation by a venture capitalist named Nick Hanauer, who’d spoken about how the American middle class has been left behind:

“We’ve had it backward for the last 30 years,” [Hanauer] said. “Rich businesspeople like me don’t create jobs. Rather they are a consequence of an ecosystemic feedback loop…

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KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

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Maybe there are some of us who still don’t know the meaning of KPIs.

Some of us, instead, might hardly spend a week at work without hearing the expression.

I’m getting tired and upset of hearing about our performances, of effectiveness, productivity at our work, with the outcome of millions of us being made redundant.

I wish we, citizens, could in turn, propose, develop and appraise KPIs for our representatives, and the public thing (Res-publica), as well as in the private corporations environment.

On the other hand, when I try to put things in perspective in our globalized society, many things hardly fit together.

Let’s explore some of what could perfectly be considered as our societies achieved KPIs:

1.- Space Race:

In slightly more than half a century, man managed to land on the moon, put a robot on Mars surface, send a telescope to space to survey the limits of the Universe.

2.- Technology:

In less than 25 years, computers left the big and cumbersome computer centres to become instant, light, cordless and ubiquitous devices integrated in mobile telephone handsets. Not to mention the evolution Internet underwent in the past 15 years.

3.- Travel:

France and Great Britain were capable to develop an airplane that in spite of having proved being unsustainable, actually revolutionised commercial air travel. The path was lit for the future and quite next space travel and tourism.

4.- Weaponry:

Either ground, sea or air machines, reached a state-of-the-art that ranges from unmanned drone planes, to stealth sea battle ships. Missiles have also been part of an amazing evolution both in power and in guidance technology.


I’m listing it separately for maybe it’s one of the most unexpected leaks from military technology to everyday life.  We can now position ourselves no matter where in the world we are, and send our position through our mobiles to all our friends, as well as locate our pictures with a precision equal to that of NASA.

6.- Webcams:

Altogether with many of the KPIs above, I choose webcams not for the simple fact that you could broadcast your life in real time into the WWW, but mainly because through them, we could be in position to see almost ANYTHING WE’D WANT TO. And if we can’t, it’s not due to a technological issue.

I’m sure that any of you who will read this post, being in the industry that you are, will be able to make a more exhaustive and thorough list of the respective cutting-edge breakthroughs.

However, I wish someone could explain to me in the most rational terms, how all the previous magnificent achievements of man, match with the following chronologically ordered facts and how no one could prevent/foresee them in time:

1.- 911 attacks to WTC and Pentagon

2.- Enron/Arthur Andersen crisis

3.- Lehman Brothers bankruptcy

4.- Global financial synchronic crisis

Any CEO in the world, who failed to obtain acceptable results as per in the objectives of the company (not to say show losses) in a balance sheet, would be – correct me if I’m wrong – fired immediately, no matter what.

So how is it that nobody was held responsible for the occurrence of those big four failures of the “most secure” both military and financial systems in the world?

How many organisms have accountability in the above facts?

Why is it that apparently, we have to believe in good faith, that all of them were unpredictable events?

Why do we believe so?

Don’t YOU have ANY questions?

More on ICELAND …

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E.T. GO HOME…!!!

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It’s quite usual to hear these days, the statement that politicians are not E.T. that landed from a UFO, since they’ve been raised in, and are part of the same society in which all of us live. But then I ask myself: “So what???” So are common criminals and no one goes ranting for a general amnesty and freedom of the prisoners.

The excuse that  politicians and citizens have equal responsibility is not only a fallacy, but an outraging BS, which only outcome is moral decline and the lack of accountability of the governments. We (or let’s better say, those who are) the voters, are praised and desired at election times, but invited to stay mute the rest of the time.

People are not deciding their future with their vote.

You bet we need to change this society, even when you haven’t been one of the “damaged” yet.


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Let me tell you just a couple of things:

It’s about complaining, but also it’s sorting out a possible way out, for in the end, in a more simplistic or complex way, we are all complaining.

We fight like a brave, but there’s no human soul that can avoid staring the scenario and not feel anxiety, both for ourselves and for the others. Like in a Stockholm syndrome, we are now starting to blame those who “get money for nothing”: if they make you feel things are not fair, firstly you are too complaining, but secondly and mainly, at the wrong people, for it isn’t them who caused this situation.

If measures are being taken for financial crisis (apparently) not to happen again, then why the hell the markets have still so much to say on our lives? Why do our governments still follow their dictate? Because this financial (and social) crisis has been designed, carried out on purpose and worst of all, is here to stay, for a long time.

Occupying the streets (Wall ones, Sol ones, Syntagma ones), will only result in that: take the streets and come back home for watching the result on TV.

We must demand citizen participation in government. Maybe not assemblies (that would be too complicated to start with), but maybe forming as a first stage, commissions to control, survey and if required, remove our representatives. At once.

But one last thing, this should not to be done for free. Not as a heroic task overlapped with our day to day duties. That’s not the point.

Working contracts will need to be modified, and people assigned to citizen commissions should still be paid from taxes, through their jobs, for the days/months being absent of their ordinary jobs.

Island’s citizens  may already have a saying on this.