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C’est ne pas …

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It makes absolutely no sense to say: “America is in America”.


Immortal Technique – The Poverty Of Philosophy

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Most of my Latino and black people who are struggling to get food, clothes and shelter in the hood are so concerned with that, that philosophising about freedom and socialist democracy is usually unfortunately beyond their rationale. They don’t realize that America can’t exist without separating them from their identity, because if we had some sense of who we really are, there’s no way in hell we’d allow this country to push it’s genocidal consensus on our homelands. This ignorance exists, but it can be destroyed.

Niggas talk about change and working within the system to achieve that. The problem with always being a conformist is that when you try to change the system from within, it’s not you who changes the system; it’s the system that will eventually change you. There is usually nothing wrong with compromise in a situation, but compromising yourself in a situation is another story completely, and I have seen this happen long enough in the few years that I’ve been alive to know that it’s a serious problem. Latino America is a huge colony of countries whose presidents are cowards in the face of economic imperialism. You see, third world countries are rich places, abundant in resources, and many of these countries have the capacity to feed their starving people and the children we always see digging for food in trash on commercials. But plutocracies, in other words a government run by the rich such as this one and traditionally oppressive European states, force the third world into buying overpriced, unnecessary goods while exporting huge portions of their natural resources.

I’m quite sure that people will look upon my attitude and sentiments and look for hypocrisy and hatred in my words. My revolution is born out of love for my people, not hatred for others.

You see, most of Latinos are here because of the great inflation that was caused by American companies in Latin America. Aside from that, many are seeking a life away from the puppet democracies that were funded by the United States; places like El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Republica Dominicana, and not just Spanish-speaking countries either, but Haiti and Jamaica as well.

As different as we have been taught to look at each other by colonial society, we are in the same struggle and until we realize that, we’ll be fighting for scraps from the table of a system that has kept us subservient instead of being self-determined. And that’s why we have no control over when the embargo will stop in Cuba, or when the bombs will stop dropping in Vieques.

But you see, here in America the attitude that is fed to us is that outside of America there live lesser people. “Fuck them, let them fend for themselves.” No, Fuck you, they are you. No matter how much you want to dye your hair blonde and put fake eyes in, or follow an anorexic standard of beauty, or no matter how many diamonds you buy from people who exploit your own brutally to get them, no matter what kind of car you drive or what kind of fancy clothes you put on, you will never be them. They’re always gonna look at you as nothing but a little monkey. I’d rather be proud of what I am, rather than desperately trying to be something I’m really not, just to fit in. And whether we want to accept it or not, that’s what this culture or lack of culture is feeding us.

I want a better life for my family and for my children, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of millions of lives in my homeland. We’re given the idea that if we didn’t have these people to exploit then America wouldn’t be rich enough to let us have these little petty material things in our lives and basic standards of living. No, that’s wrong. It’s the business giants and the government officials who make all the real money. We have whatever they kick down to us. My enemy is not the average white man, it’s not the kid down the block or the kids I see on the street; my enemy is the white man I don’t see: the people in the white house, the corporate monopoly owners, fake liberal politicians those are my enemies. The generals of the armies that are mostly conservatives those are the real Mother-Fuckers that I need to bring it to, not the poor, broke country-ass soldier that’s too stupid to know shit about the way things are set up.

In fact, I have more in common with most working and middle-class white people than I do with most rich black and Latino people. As much as racism bleeds America, we need to understand that classism is the real issue. Many of us are in the same boat and it’s sinking, while these bougie Mother-Fuckers ride on a luxury liner, and as long as we keep fighting over kicking people out of the little boat we’re all in, we’re gonna miss an opportunity to gain a better standard of living as a whole.

In other words, I don’t want to escape the plantation I want to come back, free all my people, hang the Mother-Fucker that kept me there and burn the house to the god damn ground. I want to take over the encomienda and give it back to the people who work the land.

You cannot change the past but you can make the future, and anyone who tells you different is a Fucking lethargic devil. I don’t look at a few token Latinos and black people in the public eye as some type of achievement for my people as a whole. Most of those successful individuals are sell-outs and house Negros.

But, I don’t consider brothers a sell-out if they move out of the ghetto. Poverty has nothing to do with our people. It’s not in our culture to be poor. That’s only been the last 500 years of our history; look at the last 2000 years of our existence and what we brought to the world in terms of science, mathematics, agriculture and forms of government. You know the idea of a confederation of provinces where one federal government controls the states? The Europeans who came to this country stole that idea from the Iroquois LEAGUE. The idea of impeaching a ruler comes from an Aztec tradition. That’s why Montezuma was stoned to death by his own people ’cause he represented the agenda of white Spaniards once he was captured, not the Aztec people who would become Mexicans.

So in conclusion, I’m not gonna vote for anybody just ’cause they black or Latino they have to truly represent the community and represent what’s good for all of us proletariat. (Immortal Technique)


On his majesty secret service / From Vatican with love.

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Having been recently elected, the brand new Pope is rising all kind of thoughts and feelings.

One will have to make a serious and deep investigation, in order to find the real facts of the past of His Highness.

On one hand Francis I (formerly, Jorge Mario Bergoglio), is being pointed as collaborator with the military dictatorship in Argentina, between 1976 and 1983. However, and quite contradictory, he is also described as  committed to protect Jesuits during the same years, and regime.

So, right from the start, there is a big suspicion hanging over him, which he will have to prove wrong with his acts in the next months/years.

He said he wanted to make a “poor Church, for the poor”.  Although one could think he will not forget poverty, or even fight it in the most unequal places on Earth, one could well read behind his words, that he will just take “spiritual relief” to the poor, to keep the social calm and avoid any revolts and/or riots.

I must admit, that accepting the appointment from one of the most corrupt and controversial institutions in the whole world, makes me think he is already guilty. No one will ever be able to revert the current state of the Vatican and the wealth and Real Estate businesses it’s been involved for so many centuries. A man in his position, and having being voted by his peers, cannot be optimistic/naive, about this aim.

The other aspect to remark, is about his statements about the woman. To me, any catholic woman should be on fire today, and demanding rectification and/or withdrawal of these expressions.

Myself, I’m following the page of Col. Chris Hadfield on Facebook, in which he is posting in real time, pictures and facts about his day-to-day activities. It’s difficult to conceive that this and the new Pope’s statements on women, are contemporary, and followed by the same individuals, without any questioning.


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When thinking about “bonsai”, I usually had the image of small scale trees, in small scale containers. However, a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to visit a bonsai museum in Madrid, and I was totally astonished to find out that the reduced size of those beautiful trees was only just a small part of the Art/technique.

The bonsai techniques ranges from the reduction of the tree, to the shaping in the most amazing forms of the plant, by different means. Seems that the final end of this tradition, is the reproduction of natural scenes at small scales, but what drew my attention is the effects of these techniques on the plants. By means of different proceedures, “… like pruning, root reduction, potting, defoliation, and grafting to produce small trees that mimic the shape and style of mature, full-size trees.” (source: Wikipedia).

It was also shocking to me, to realize that the same culture that celebrates the accidental killing of insects after the sowing of rice, can “torture” this way a living being, just for aesthetic pleasure (no practical end is intended in bonsai).

Seems to me  that this art/practice/technique is somehow against the natural evolution of the plant, but even then, that’s not what I dislike the most of it: it’s the fact that all these obstacles the plant comes across in its growth, are being put on purpose, so its’ appearance changes according exclusively, to the bonsai executor wishes.

I don’t know whether the plant suffers or not, but seeing branches twisted by wires, sticks, threads, and all kind of elements put there to mould the small tree, looks quite like a struggle for survival to me. In any case, it’s definitely not the way the plant would grow if left alone. In the end, this shaping of the plant, is ironically a distortion from its’ own natural shape.

So, if you visit a bonsai museum next time, pay attention.

You might feel you are stepping in a Hall of Mirrors.

Training or dressage?

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You are born on a certain day. What decides which day you are born on? Well, you could say, depending on your age now (and your generation), that it’s nature that made the decision.

Or, … the obstetrician.

I’m not talking about scheduled cesarean, I’m talking about slightly inducing birth, the same as you could provoke someone to puke (if there could be any profit to be made out of it). For God sake!!! Have I gone mad???? No, you would be amazed to realize how many births take place on each day of the week.  And then, what happens with our death???  Of course that is not so obvious, but in any case, for the medical corporation, it’s far quite easier to get away. They just drop the patient.

So we find ourselves being conditioned in our main events of our lives, by third parties. It’s not so difficult to assume that the same goes for the rest of the time in the middle. Of course I’m not saying we are conditioned by interaction between peers. I’m saying we are conditioned by the benefit of others, so you are giving away part of you and your life, for others to simplify theirs, whether this means free time on their holidays, or economic profit, or both.

From all corporations in our societies, Medical Doctors are one of those which still keep some of the original power that former wizards had in any tribal group. So, unless you really want to become a MD yourself, most of times you’ll do as they say. Or you’ll try to get a second opinion, or even a third opinion. So fine so far.

Then they give you the news: “There’s nothing we can do”. But what does that phrase exactly mean? Literally, that there’s nothing they WILL DO. They close the case. There is no medical interest, there is no reason for any effort, there is no justification to spend any resources on that patient. Full stop.

You are then abandoned on your own, with your big or little common sense, to find your way through the time that separates the diagnosis from the departure of that human being. This means that they won’t even give you the information you’ll ask, to make your own decision.

I had a loss recently. But I felt I must put my sadness and sorrow away, and write this, because it’s outrageous the flagrant way that business has tapped into even the most sacred events of our lives.

This is what I’ve found out: We must start resisting the mandate on how we must be born, how we must live, and how we have to die.

Unless you are so altruistic, that you find your own fulfillment in making the rich even richer, ……. consciously.


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Amazingly rational…


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For the last two hours , I’ve been seeing on TV an ad showing how happy we are and how we can donate one day of our happiness to the 200 million kids dying from starvation.

Shocking and effective.

You just cannot help feeling guilty for the luck you had, and the misfortune of all those children doomed to death, just for having been born in the “wrong” place.

However, this is not the aspect I want to focus on. I’d rather aim at what I would call the “process”, and how some goals are pursued, and eventually accomplished.

I would like anyone to explain to me, why are there so many charity organizations doing the work they shouldn’t be?

Why are we accepting so easily that we are responsible for reverting the dramatic situation of the poorest countries in the world, BY OURSELVES, acquiescing to the fact that governments will never move a finger.

If we consent that, and we hold ourselves responsible for caring about others, then again, could anyone please explain to me:




Why are we being so aware of the need to donate part of our income, to build NGOs, to empathise with our poorest brothers, and yet still BELIEVE in our democracies, that time and time again, proved not to be true?

Why these issues arise in my mind on a Friday evening?