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Maybe Sunday

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At the heart of a city with the shape of a heart, the day of tomorrow will be, once more, a decisive date for Democracy in slightly more than a month’s time.

A new demonstration  (“Toma la calle” – “Take the street” is summoned for tomorrow, Sunday 19th, by the movement 15-M, also called DRY (Democracia Real Ya), with several aspects to be considered, that follow the same spirit than the one held a month ago, but also with significant differences. Continue reading

El futuro es hoy … / The future is today….

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Los políticos (y por tanto todos aquellos a quienes respaldan o por quienes son respaldados) están “blindados” por el sistema electoral.

Es, por tanto, lo primero que hay que atacar!

Hay una contradicción interna entre la propuesta de modificar la ley electoral e ir a votar en menos de 24hs.

La primera demanda de una asamblea popular debería ser, entonces, la suspención de las elecciones del 22M y exigir nuevos estatutos sociales, en los cuales se incorporen todas propuestas

No se sostiene una sistema electoral del Siglo XIX, con los nuevos paradigmas de la sociedad. No se puede, no se debe, realizar ni UNA SOLA ELECCIÓN MÁS, bajo el actual sistema.


El lunes ya será tarde.

English version

Like in most of countries today, politicians (and all those who they back or by who they are backed), are “armored” by the present electoral method (D’Hondt).

To develop a true democracy, this method is, therefore, the first thing we must attack.

Representativeness, if to be maintained, must be guaranteed in terms of proportion.

There is an internal contradiction in the proposal of reforming the electoral method and having to vote under it, within 24hs.

The first claim of a popular Assembly,  ought to be then, the suspension of the 22-M elections in Spain, and demand new social statutes, in which to include all the supported proposals.

A method like the current, having been developed in the XIX century, is UNSUSTAINABLE, under the scope of the NEW SOCIETY PARADIGMS.

There couldn’t be, SHOULDN’T BE a SINGLE ELECTION MORE, under the current method.


Monday will be too late.