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Jesus actually died today.

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Maybe the current crisis helped. Maybe being myself almost 50, also did its part. Maybe I had these things going round my head for some time now.

I remember John Lennon singing “I don’t believe in …. “, together with the notion that I lost contact with the Catholic church long ago. In fact, this blog is quite opposite to any kind of religious approach, if not totally opposite.

But the truth be told, I always kept some conviction on Jesus preach, on the commandment of loving your neighbour.

When in recent days, I saw the video “Zeitgeist”, I just couldn’t help ask myself who Jesus really was (IF he was). For at some point in your life, you start to distrust coincidences: Horus and the Sun in egyptian culture and religion, the Zodiac, the Equinoxes and Solstices related to the dates of December 25th and March 21st, these same dates appearing in different religions (Egypt, Greece, India, Greece again, Persia and many others), and also the same structure and pattern for the myth.

All this, could probably mean nothing from a faithful person point of view. And I’m going to accept the fact, that faith is not sustained – essentially – on … FACTS. But up to which extent are we then aware of how “imaginary” or, let’s put it the other way round, “not factual” is a religion, or following any belief?

Shouldn’t there be at least a minimum of truth and reality to be based upon?

Have the Crusades happen, should it had been known that Jesus was an icon, that hadn’t actually died on the cross for us?  Could the Catholic church (and other christian churches) have made such an achievement in terms of collective movement, only based in “another” myth? Aren’t all christians giving for granted that Jesus really lived 2012 years ago?

Again, to be honest, I’m not really that interested in historic facts, as much as my concern that under the light of this approach, the 11th commandment: “Love each other as God loves you”, there might have been a different underlying ideology, not the solution for the soul, but the solution for the social oppression of the powerful ones to the slaves and people, turning the “acquiescence” and “resigning” of the latter,  into a peaceful surrender.

What wisdom lies beneath such knowledge?

Turn yourself in to the powerful, for “they don’t know what they’re doing”?

Doesn’t Christianism have a social impact too, which actually flattens the path to those attached to worldly and mundane wealth?


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Amazingly rational…

A litre of light

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