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It’s really strange the game that is taking place between different political forces, in terms of what ideology they subscribe to.

After a post-modern period where the typical policy in different parties and countries was unveiled by the expression: “death of ideologies”, it seems a new era is being born, where euphemisms and politically correct words are no longer a concern.

Instead of omitting ideology, which is now again introduced at least as a label into  political speech, what is now missing is the link between that claimed ideology and the actions. The apparent lack of compromise with an intellectual and/or theoretical framework doesn’t seem to be in the agenda. Like under the cover of branding marketing strategy, more to identify parties with an “image”, a “term”, or a “motto”, there is a purpose to make easier to the voter, to understand what they are talking about. So, rather than spending time, efforts, paper and ink to describe a platform, which concepts will not be necessarily comprehended by electors, the political spectrum is now providing a “grip” for standard people to choose between options.

However, even when Socialism might find itself imposing dramatically unpopular measures, or right-hand parties seeing the benefits of some social welfare, it will never be a greyish mixture again. Right & Left are back.

But my approach is not so much interested in political ideologies, as in “power structure” ideologies.
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True revolutions are the imperceptible ones

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Internet ya molesta (“Internet is already annoying”)

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I find difficult to understand why so many people hit the target in terms of setting out a conflict and a problem, and then fail in the formulation of its solution, by changing the level or category of thought.

If there is a clear diagnosis about Banks, Finance, Power, having a global range and influence, then the solution MUST also be global.

We simply cannot frame a question from a general approach and respond it from a particular case. That is very willing, easier to state, and apparently, more at hand to achieve. But honestly, it’s tricky.

For some reason, it lacks the holistic approach that was used when assessing the problem.

A “gap analysis” is urgently required here.


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Those of us who don’t believe in God, or we could also include those who believing in God, don’t make him a part of everything, are used to facing things differently.

First of all, we need to put our faith in something else. Hard thing to do, God is quite difficult to replace. He stands for: ALL!

Through History, mankind evolved to the separation of concepts: Religion, Government, Armed Forces. If in the beginning, Kings, emperors and pharaohs carried on their back being the head of the three concepts, we can say today, all of them are neatly separated.

Nevertheless, some people might fall in confusion and mix spiritual issues with administrative or military ones. And also, the other way round, churches need to raise and administrate funds, have opinion on State matters, and so on.

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Human beings need to believe. It’s a fact. Faith is essential in our lives. Otherwise, we are nothing but tissue and bones. But what are the things which we have faith in? An easy one: God. Ok, accepted. He will never show up. We don’t even know exactly where he is, what he does and what he doesn’t. It’s a mystery. Verdict: passed. It’s fine to have faith in God.

Then, you can have more or less faith in yourself, in your husband/wife, in friends, family, etc. And that’s the end of the list. Because faith is what endures against the worst: death, destruction, hopelessness, discourage, disappointment. When there is nothing left to believe in, faith makes its most valuable appearance: in spite of the emptiness and darkness around you, you keep on going, moving forward.

It’s impossible to speak about faith in Society, since there is no subject, but crowds. You find faith in the deepest levels of your soul, something a society can’t have.  So when any event is taking place in the context of society, we must be careful to talk about faith and beliefs. Continue reading


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Not in the sense of thought, but meaning how an image is reproduced on a surface in front of it.

Reflections are similar, almost the same, but not exactly the same.

First you have sides: left and right are inverted in the mirror, on the quiet waters of a pond.

Then you have to consider the point of view, in a way that you never actually experience the symmetry, for the perspective creates the illusion of continuity, and so we must abstract the idea of equivalent images.

Something quite like happens with shadows, where after some training Continue reading