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Let me fail!

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Some days ago, I was involved in the usual discussion with some friends that are committed to voting, under the assumption that voting is the natural action of Democracy. By expressing their vote, they still think they are “deciding” how the country policies and government should be carried out.

Me, again, once more, for the infinite time, I kept my position of abstention as the only reasonable, given the current circumstances.

One of my friends then posted something on FB like : “Please let me fail!”.

At first I thought he was in his right to make his choice, even if it meant a failure. But then, after a second thought, I wondered if that was actually so. For if he was already assuming he would fail, shouldn’t he be concerned about the consequences his decision would mean to the rest of us?

Shouldn’t he be allowed to fail, but only in his own private matters?


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The accuracy, precision and pulchritude with which, any democratic election is carried out in the world, is inversely proportional to the strength of the binding between the platform of the winning party and the final execution of their acts of government.

That expectable strictness in the process only goes to show how ”transparent” the system is, when handling people’s will, although that transparency starts to blur only hours after the cast of the result.

Like mistresses of the powerful, we resign ourselves to play this cheap ”role”, of being carefully listened to, or at least carefully allowed to speak once a while, and with hardly any effect on reality.

The second alibi for this consulting mechanism is for politicians and ruling govs to have a cover for their acts by making people accountable, even for the most unforeseen measures and decisions.

That  supposed accountability, is what turns your abstention into guilt, if you don’t have your two feet firmly standing on the ground of conviction.

20-N. General elections in Spain

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I start from the assumption that, given the several demonstrations of anger and annoyance in different places around the world, the following reflections are valid for any country you might like to choose, and not only for Spain today.

There’s an amazing amount of discussion between those who think that voting is defending Democracy, and too many (it is expected that around a 30% will not show up to vote) who are plainly opposed and unwilling to continue with the sham of a fictitious system.

The contradictory feelings could be expressed in the following terms:

– If you vote, you engage with the commitment of your civic right but at the same time, you’ll be validating a political system that more than surely, will care zero about your concerns.  In this case, voters are based on hope, positive thinking, willingness, but not FACTS!!!! They want, they need to believe beyond reality. And politicians know this for sure.

– If you don’t vote, you will feel engaged with your own principles, showing your disapproval for a system that is leading society to a New world order, via a “designed” crisis, but your abstention will be taken for lack of interest, not only by politicians, but also by a great proportion of people themselves (!!). Those of us who are abstainers, can face the feeling of emptiness and void that is created by staying at home. We might be skeptic, negative, but we put our hope on ourselves and nobody else. We cannot let ourselves trip with the same stone more than once, in spite of the fact of being considered “careless” or even ” irresponsible”.

To be worried today about how to achieve a balance between political forces in the Congress, as a way to guarantee a more democratic process to decision making, is a nuisance. It doesn’t change a thing.

It’s exactly like trying to evenly distribute the load and the passengers, in an airplane that is stalling and about to crash with the ground. There’s nothing you could do. The pilot was drunk and lost completely control of the airplane.

Am I saying we are heading directly to hit the ground, in free-fall from 30.000 ft? Very probably: I saw some members of the crew putting themselves parachutes on.

It’s a very profitable business to have all the people grabbed by the balls, and that whatever they will do, you will always win.

This is the very unfortunate fate for all of us.

Meanwhile we will JUST be able to express our feelings, voting or not, but nothing more.

Not even close to anything like decision by the majority.

The vote

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Voting is the action, that since those of us being contemporary had been aware, applies to make Society believe it’s itself the one to decide its’ own future.

The vote has no value. It’s not binding anymore, since with absolute independence from the electoral programme for which any government could have been elected, once in office, that same government will carry out a completely different programme, dissociated  from the latter, in response to an imposed agenda, which is always an open secret.

We are then witnesses and victims of our own naivety, and each time we exercise the vote, we do nothing but tripping over the same rock.

Voting turns that way, into an act of faith, but not in terms of confidence in the voted candidates (which is already gruesome in itself), but of the strong conviction it is a decision tool for the people. The proofs, ALL THE PROOFS, say almost always, if not always, EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

And thus, we keep on addressing our “Principle of Hope” to the wrong place. Because that is the way we’ve been taught. That is the way the wizards of tribe told us the story. Positive thinking. Continuity. Civilization. Control. Balance. All of this, would be ideal and irreproachable, if it wasn’t for it systematically (intentionally) leads to the same result.

Under the excuse of legitimacy of the vote, they (we) had also deceived us in the motto that says: “if you don’t vote, you cannot complain”. The only fact of being part of a Society, paying taxes, holding responsibilities in the day to day life, is what entitles, enables and gives us the right to complain.

We assent.

We consent.

We believe.

And we fall again.

It’s not insane to sustain contradictory concepts at the same time.

It’s insane  to think that things will change, in spite of the fact that we keep on doing always the same.