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Atheism and Anarchism: ideological cousins?

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The Prime Directive

Some people believe that there is a strong connection between atheism and Anarchism, others believe there is no such connection. Certainly it is true that Anarchist thinkers have been strongly unsympathetic to organized religion and tend to be atheists, but the reverse has not been true. Why is that? And what is the connection?

Anarchism is a position about society and undesirable structures within it (that is to say, the belief that hierarchies are unjustified). Atheism, on the other hand, is an ontological position (about the existence of gods). But if you ask atheists why they see the need to label themselves and discuss atheism, they will almost invariably answer you that Christian dogma infiltrating itself in the schools and politics is the main issue. Therefore atheism does reduce itself to a social issue to some extent.

I think the issue that links them both, therefore, is the concept of…

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Supposedly, most atheist “reject irrational and illogical unworldly thoughts”. Against this, some may say/think: “I dont wanna have just science as a religion…”.

Let me put it the other way round:

We don’t want to have religion as science.

Religion is fine, if you can keep it in its’ place. It’s like sex, when it’s not where it ought to be, it’s everywhere….

What do you think?

Is there any link between atheism and anarchy? Can anyone be one and not the other?

Wouldn’t one be in internal contradiction, being a non-believer, clashing with your believer one?

Like a Rolling Stone

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When I started this blog, I never dreamed one day I would post an article from the famous magazine Rolling Stone.

However, today I’m pretty sure the occasion well deserves my making the exception.

I couldn’t care less if anyone thinks I’m doing free advertising to the mag, I don’t give a ….. I never read Rolling Stone either.

The fact is, this popular product of the media, is publicly stating through one of its’ editors, that all the plot is absolutely true, and asking for forgiveness from all so-called “conspiracy theorists”.

Maybe it’s all a smoke screen. Maybe not.

Read the article and have your own opinion.

STOP CONSUMING. Yeah ok, but ….

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Why austerity cannot be our proposal to “fix” the system?

If we are to take “austerity” into consideration, as a voluntary way of controlling the major corporations’ profits by reducing our spending, we must be aware of a couple of things:

1.- They must have already foreseen a decrease of their sales due to an economic contraction cycle, so they’ve prepared back-up tactics, like spreading their investment mostly in basic goods, or pharma, or increasing the price of utilities, all of which, which have an inelastic demand.

2.- Austerity is exactly the solution “THEY” are applying too.
Sounds a bit strange… doesn’t it?

3.- Extreme austerity, will lead to self-constrain in a way, instead of self-liberation (please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that self-liberation is obtained by consumerism, but you should be FREE to decide what you do with your low-medium-high income).

4.- By reducing the volume of the market, we will deepen the recession process, by further feeding the vicious circle.

5.- Eventually, they will last longer than you.

So, I don’t see the strategy “squeeze the market”, might be an option.


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Exercise for the week-end

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The following exercise has two parts. The first one is easy, while the second might take you some more time and thinking.

1.- Mark the box you consider right (True / False), from each of the images below.

2.- Explain what you base your answers on.


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