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About planets, moons and lightbulbs

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Reality operates in an utterly subtle and macabre way at the same time.

It allows itself to be discovered, revealing layers, showing new edges each time, that change the perception we had of it before.

In such manner, the quantity of planets in the Solar system is permanently changing (that it’s not actually that it changes, but that astronomy “adjusts” its knowledge, under the light of new data). Thus, we must adapt our representations and our beliefs.

We learn at school that all planets orbit around the Sun, that many have moons, some of them just one, some even twelve. Pluto, comes and goes, one day it’s the ninth planet, the following, it’s left out of the “club”.

Then we learn the world is round, but the year after, we must correct this idea, under the detail that the Earth is slightly flattened at the poles, which, again, it turns out that they are not “vertically” aligned, and that the Equator forms an angle of twenty-odd degrees with the ecliptic.

Then, one day, we discover that not all the planets rotate in the same way: Uranus polar axis is horizontally laid on the ecliptic, and therefore only its poles have days and nights. Uranus equator is constantly in a mixture of sunsets and dawns.

It has been discovered lately vast masses of ice in Europe, one of Jupiter’s moons, and more or less since four years now, it is known that there is an ocean of liquid water in Titan, another moon, but of Saturn this time.

To new stages of knowledge correspond a privilege over past times, that automatically become “obsolete stuff”, and which will no longer be credible (as when a magic trick is unveiled).

This mutation of beliefs or assumptions of a given knowledge into irrefutable fact, happens in all fields of our lives. And even there are so many things we’ll never confirm “scientifically”, we know the way they are.

On the contrary, there are plenty of ideas and concepts backed by objective data at hand, we refuse to dismantle, against our own rational thought. We prefer to think that our faith is larger than any mountain, and that it’s a good thing.

Openness of mind must be at all times within our purposes, for too many decisions in our lives depend on our knowledge of and approach to reality and truth.

Try this excercise, think of any of your current beliefs and ask yourself:

– What if…?????

Distortion validation

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There is a scale of events or processes we can handle and manage. We can have our home, car, job, under control. But once we step up the ladder for the larger scales, we start to lose perspective, and we dive into a jigsaw with no edges, no corners, and even missing pieces.

I cannot seem to find a single institution these days, in any society that I might choose, that is not under suspicion, that remains trustworthy for the people, without some level of reluctance.

All the events that took place in our planet, from 2001 on, have exceeded any threshold we could have, for admitting some unwanted results. And what’s more, once in front of some pieces of evidence that shake the “official stories” from their very foundations, we start to pull the thread of History and find patterns that repeat each time, since the origins of our civilizations.

To obtain a diagnose, should we want to frame a new structure for our societies (which, by the way, it’s something nobody is asking us for), we face the difficulty of applying some sort of “scientific” model for our societies, for sometimes they behave erratic, some organized, too many hierarchical, hardly anytime flat, and when we try to summarize the outcome, we found ourselves with a mixture all of the above, coexisting at a same time.

Forget it.

Forget your neighbour. I know. He/she came up to you in a kind and friendly manner, but you’ve seen through his/her disguise and you can clearly distinguish there’s an economic end in this approach. There’s no single sign of transparency (not to say empathy) in that move. There’s always (and for sure only) an economic approach in every single human action. Economy is the mortar that keeps us all together.

Fight for  your own life. Save yourself. This is the new reality. This has always been the only reality. It’s a psychotic reality, no “super-ego”, no commitment, no accountability, no “must do’s”. Just your impulses, your instincts and your actions.

Try not to be evil. It would be more than enough, an incredible achievement, if while striving for your survival, you don’t hurt anyone.

Start assuming there’s no big range of action, no big plans, no big deal. Just get your food everyday, see the football match, watch your favourite TV show. What else do you want? Is there anything else you’d like to ask for? No possible control over our reality, but the only driver of profits for the galaxy-sized corporations.

Let me put this clear once more, I’m not talking about you or me. We might or not be fine to some extent. And it really doesn’t matter in relation to the big picture. However, in the end you’ll see there is no difference  between this zoom on our individual lives, and the society we are “contributing to build” (I know, I know … this expression sounds somewhat ironic at the end of the post).

I believe we are kinda starting to like being just another brick in the wall.

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Here, let me share with you this story, in which Cissyblue gives testimony not only of her own personal situation, but also how our individual lives are intimately merged into our societies mechanisms, affecting us, most of times, for worse.
Eventually, you will be able to manage your closer context, but in the end, it’s a difficult game to play, if you want to be aware 360º.


I’m just a very average person.  I didn’t finish college; I was a piano player/music major.  I had performance anxiety.  Couldn’t handle the pressure.  Thought music was supposed to be fun.  It wasn’t.  I tried to own and run a couple of businesses in my 30’s and 40’s; without money you can’t make money.  I just barely survived.  I’m still proud of my efforts.  I now own a little place here in Texas, whatever that means.  It just means I’m not homeless yet.  Taxes are still unpaid, and I’m so broke today I endured major humiliation at the pharmacy this morning when I attempted to put my roommate’s medicine on account there.  I went back outside to a truck that was on E and had been for the whole entire trip to the hospital last night.

Yes, I spent last night in a tiny Texas hospital to take my friend/roommate…

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I will have Macro-economy for breakfast from now on ….

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And wages as a percent of the economy have hit an all-time low.

“The most important issue in this year’s election is the economy.

 Unfortunately, this topic has now been “politicized,” which means that you can’t talk about it without being instantly cheered or jeered by fans of each respective political team.

But the economy is much more important than this year’s election or either political team.

And both teams are responsible for the mess we’re in–and so, I am sorry to say, are the rest of us.

And fixing that mess is going to take decades, regardless of who’s in power.

But we have to fix it. Or we’re going to become a nation of a few million landed aristocrats and 300 million serfs.

The first step is getting past the political blame-game and understanding what’s wrong.

So let’s go to the charts >

Read more:

“The Experiment Has Failed. Are You Ready?” (Via TIP – The Internet Post)

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What lies beneath

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No, I won’t mention the name of a country.

It will be a bet.

I’m 100% sure that no matter what country you are from, you will find things in common with the current reality:

– Weak democracy

– Corruption spread all over societal structures

– Debt crisis / Debt markets (what’s the fucking difference?)

– Systemic and sheer attack to public health and public education

– Same for pensions and retirement. Markets know better than anybody, how to make profit with your savings.

– Persistent media operative to persuade us on the “benefits” of our system, no matter what.

– Spread of the belief that those who are being expelled from the system, definitely deserve it.

– Unemployed people are not anymore a consequence of the crisis, but the cause for the rest not to progress.

– Banks are the blood system of our societies (if this is not a blackmail, then what is?)

–  Cheap and shallow entertainment (as it has always been)

– Cheap food (you actually won’t die from starvation, you are still somehow necessary for the markets)

– Food industry concentrated in few and huge corporations

– Press totally submitted to either ruling party, or opposition one.

Ok, enough so far.

Have you found any of the features above, not really taking place in your country?

Do you still think your country is the only one that’s crap in the whole world?

Does this mean anything to you?

Tomorrow’s just another day (Madness)

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Trying hard, I thought I’d done my best

All my life, I can’t get no rest
Some who’ve closed the door before
Say I can’t carry on no more.

I hear them saying
Tomorrow’s just another day
I hear them saying
And it gets better every day
I hear them saying
Tomorrow’s just another day

Listened long, tried to take it in
All these facts leave me in the swim
It’s down and down there is no up
I think that I’ve run out of luck.

I hear them saying
Tomorrow’s just another day
I hear them saying
And it gets better every day
I hear them saying
Tomorrow’s just another day
Tomorrow’s just another… day

Walking now, over covered ground
There is a chance if I move around
I need a moment to reflect
On the friendships I have wrecked.

Why is it I(???) don’t I always try?

I hear them say
Tomorrow’s just another day
I hear them say
And it gets better every day
I hear them say
Tomorrow’s just another day
I hear them say
And it gets better every day
I heard them say
Tomorrow’s just another day
I hear them say
Tomorrow’s just another day
Tomorrow’s just another…

I hear them saying
Tomorrow’s just another day
I hear them saying
And it gets better every day
I hear them saying
Tomorrow’s just another day