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Kennedy, killed once more…

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I am not from the United States (I’d rather not say “American”, since America is the whole continent). However I’ve always felt JFK as someone inspiring and a true democratic leader.

I saw today in Facebook, a post from “Business Insider”, where according to the news, secret service agent Clint Hill is publishing his memoirs about him and the First Lady, among which, he reveals some gruesome details too.

Someone must have thought an excellent idea to just pick only those morbid details and put them all together, to give us more information about Kennedy’s assassination. But (there’s always a “but”), it’s obviously not information about the investigation, or new findings on the crime, it’s just descriptive details of the very moment of the shooting, instead.

It really got me upset, to realize that people are still being “shocked” by these disgusting and disrespectful details, while at the same time feel nothing and continue living with hardly any concerns, on not knowing the truth (which, to me is even more shocking).

Once more, these facts show that people have the governments they deserve (only I’m also involved, and affected by those  governments).

I guess we’ll just have to keep on eating this Obama-Merkel-Sarkozy bush-shit.

Dying changes everything… Does it?

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I’m not a sociologist, neither an epistemologist.

But I can’t avoid feeling disturbed by some events that sometimes happen to us, as individuals as well as to society as a whole, and I would like to find an explanation for those disruptions.

If our behavior is the outcome of something like a multiple variables equation, some of them internal, some external to ourselves, couldn’t we classify those variables in different degrees? How can we set some levels to separate those that have an impact on us, from those that doesn’t?

To clarify how wide the spectrum of possibilities can be, I’ll try to define first, the two ends of the events types:

1.- Inmediate, unavoidable and result of an evident causality process – basic needs:

Breathing, eating, sleeping, and some others, are needs that come from our biological condition: we are live organisms. With more or less spread and frequency, any of these needs will constrain us, being impossible to spend more than a short period of time before we satisfy them or have a serious problem: breathing, maybe 90 seconds in an average person; eating every 4/6 hours; sleeping on a daily basis, although with some exceptions. There surely are many scientific research studies to determine our limits to survive, when unable to feed these needs.

2.- Distant, irrelevant facts (for our everyday life):

A blast of a supernova (that might have happened millions of years ago and only now we know/see the phenomenon) occurs in the opposite corner of the Universe. It’s an event that will undoubtedly be relevant to those dedicated to the knowledge of the cosmos.  The unusual events are welcome in euphoria just because of its occurrence. Providence can make some of us be witnesses of something that seldom happens, like every 50 years. But with hardly any effect on us. Continue reading