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Let me fail!

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Some days ago, I was involved in the usual discussion with some friends that are committed to voting, under the assumption that voting is the natural action of Democracy. By expressing their vote, they still think they are “deciding” how the country policies and government should be carried out.

Me, again, once more, for the infinite time, I kept my position of abstention as the only reasonable, given the current circumstances.

One of my friends then posted something on FB like : “Please let me fail!”.

At first I thought he was in his right to make his choice, even if it meant a failure. But then, after a second thought, I wondered if that was actually so. For if he was already assuming he would fail, shouldn’t he be concerned about the consequences his decision would mean to the rest of us?

Shouldn’t he be allowed to fail, but only in his own private matters?


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The accuracy, precision and pulchritude with which, any democratic election is carried out in the world, is inversely proportional to the strength of the binding between the platform of the winning party and the final execution of their acts of government.

That expectable strictness in the process only goes to show how ”transparent” the system is, when handling people’s will, although that transparency starts to blur only hours after the cast of the result.

Like mistresses of the powerful, we resign ourselves to play this cheap ”role”, of being carefully listened to, or at least carefully allowed to speak once a while, and with hardly any effect on reality.

The second alibi for this consulting mechanism is for politicians and ruling govs to have a cover for their acts by making people accountable, even for the most unforeseen measures and decisions.

That  supposed accountability, is what turns your abstention into guilt, if you don’t have your two feet firmly standing on the ground of conviction.

The vote

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Voting is the action, that since those of us being contemporary had been aware, applies to make Society believe it’s itself the one to decide its’ own future.

The vote has no value. It’s not binding anymore, since with absolute independence from the electoral programme for which any government could have been elected, once in office, that same government will carry out a completely different programme, dissociated  from the latter, in response to an imposed agenda, which is always an open secret.

We are then witnesses and victims of our own naivety, and each time we exercise the vote, we do nothing but tripping over the same rock.

Voting turns that way, into an act of faith, but not in terms of confidence in the voted candidates (which is already gruesome in itself), but of the strong conviction it is a decision tool for the people. The proofs, ALL THE PROOFS, say almost always, if not always, EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

And thus, we keep on addressing our “Principle of Hope” to the wrong place. Because that is the way we’ve been taught. That is the way the wizards of tribe told us the story. Positive thinking. Continuity. Civilization. Control. Balance. All of this, would be ideal and irreproachable, if it wasn’t for it systematically (intentionally) leads to the same result.

Under the excuse of legitimacy of the vote, they (we) had also deceived us in the motto that says: “if you don’t vote, you cannot complain”. The only fact of being part of a Society, paying taxes, holding responsibilities in the day to day life, is what entitles, enables and gives us the right to complain.

We assent.

We consent.

We believe.

And we fall again.

It’s not insane to sustain contradictory concepts at the same time.

It’s insane  to think that things will change, in spite of the fact that we keep on doing always the same.

El futuro es hoy … / The future is today….

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Los políticos (y por tanto todos aquellos a quienes respaldan o por quienes son respaldados) están “blindados” por el sistema electoral.

Es, por tanto, lo primero que hay que atacar!

Hay una contradicción interna entre la propuesta de modificar la ley electoral e ir a votar en menos de 24hs.

La primera demanda de una asamblea popular debería ser, entonces, la suspención de las elecciones del 22M y exigir nuevos estatutos sociales, en los cuales se incorporen todas propuestas

No se sostiene una sistema electoral del Siglo XIX, con los nuevos paradigmas de la sociedad. No se puede, no se debe, realizar ni UNA SOLA ELECCIÓN MÁS, bajo el actual sistema.


El lunes ya será tarde.

English version

Like in most of countries today, politicians (and all those who they back or by who they are backed), are “armored” by the present electoral method (D’Hondt).

To develop a true democracy, this method is, therefore, the first thing we must attack.

Representativeness, if to be maintained, must be guaranteed in terms of proportion.

There is an internal contradiction in the proposal of reforming the electoral method and having to vote under it, within 24hs.

The first claim of a popular Assembly,  ought to be then, the suspension of the 22-M elections in Spain, and demand new social statutes, in which to include all the supported proposals.

A method like the current, having been developed in the XIX century, is UNSUSTAINABLE, under the scope of the NEW SOCIETY PARADIGMS.

There couldn’t be, SHOULDN’T BE a SINGLE ELECTION MORE, under the current method.


Monday will be too late.

Politics and Internet

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 (Image borrowed from “Life Examinations” blog)

Same as in other fields, Internet is by far more enabling, than the way it’s currently being used.

Although Modern Movement developed its philosophy based in already existing materials, social structure and imagery, it exceeded by far the expectations of its time. In fact, there are examples that “look” modern even today, after more than 80 years.

However, being “avant-garde” ( is much more about innovation, than invention. It doesn’t bring creation out of nothing (although Modern Movement claimed a “tabula-rasa” status to be imperative as a starting point). It’s a fact that not only Alvar Aalto, Mies van der Rohe or Walter Gropius based their designs on the background of traditional architecture, but even Le Corbusier proved to be more “traditional” than he was considered to be.

What I mean by this is that, even when we are being able to get access to it from our phones and it seems it has already flooded our everyday life, Internet is still today at a very primitive stage. There is much more ahead to explore than what has been already developed, and it is not a matter of new technologies but just to put our imagination to work and think all its potential still to be unveiled.

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