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Theodor Adorno, the difference between information and knowledge

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'White on White' Kazimir Malevich (1918).

As anyone who have read many of the posts of this blog might have realized, it is not about investigating recent events, or news, or research of information. There are too many blogs dedicated to that approach to current events.

In fact, I wish there was a “Theme” or format that allowed me to have all posts displayed at the same time, instead of by chronological order. Just as if it was a “post-cloud” (@Wordpress staff: I’m giving you ideas), since they are subject-related and not quite time-related.

Without attempting to develop a “quick-reference guide” to Philosophy, I will try to describe the approach and aims I have.

I ‘ve read and studied Theodor W. Adorno for a while now, and what I found absolutely challenging is the way Continue reading

The printing press

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Printed texts are now second nature to all of us. It must have been amazing living by the time the press changed human knowledge, information and culture