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The crying game

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Provided some of the latest forecasts take place regarding crisis, population growth, oil peak, climate change, and redundancy of labour force, the world will turn out to be a hard place to live in, at least for a small part of its inhabitants, a part of about people. As for the rest, they will manage to succeed thanks to their fortunes, their positions and their abilities, in that order.

It will be contradictory in extreme, that the ends of  human and technological progress will be as far from each other, as they have ever been. The most state of the art developments will be just for a small and selective group, that will be able to afford each brand new gadget to be launched into the market. Meanwhile, the rest of us, will be submerged at a lesser or greater level, into an apparently chaotic situation in which few will know exactly what is happening and even less will account for the reason why. Continue reading

En defensa del ateísmo

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Posted in Crisis, Culture, current events, Democracy, Economy, Ethics, Financial crisis, News, politics, Revolution, Society, Technology on 23/06/2011 by Living out of Eden

Don’t let this happen – it is wrong in its own right and it is a microcosm of what is happening across the world. Let this be a warning of things to come that is heeded and addressed correctly.

Worldwide, there are $70 trillion worth of derivatives in play at the moment – be they on mortgages, sovereign debt, currencies etc. At this scale of gambling it will not take a lot to bring the whole system down again.

Many hundreds of billions of pounds of derivatives have been made on the default possibilities for European national debts including Greece.

If any systemically important organisation (bank, country, insurer, etc) triggers a “default event” it is very easy to start a chain reaction. This is what caused the credit crunch in 2008 when interbank lending dried up due to fear of the chain reaction. Continue reading

Blame it on ….. who?

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Like in too many human issues, seems we keep on going in circles about this one. Endlessly. But I cannot give up arguing the topic, when I feel there is something that doesn’t quite fit in the general explanation.

We have all heard until we got fed up, that people (any people, Spanish, Greek, Irish, Portuguese, Argentinian), are to blame for behaving irresponsibly by taking debts and loans far beyond each one’s income possibilities. That we should have all thought well, before signing off with the bank. I will therefore accept, for the moment, this explanation.

Responsibility means being aware of the consequences of any of your acts, and so, facing them when they come. To me – and please correct me if I’m wrong – we, ordinary people, are already paying in a quite expensive fashion, our daring, our lack of wisdom. Being it losing homes,  jobs, delaying marriage, postponing having kids, losing perspective and illusion on the future. Continue reading

Democracy vs Mythology: The Battle in Syntagma Square (via sturdyblog)

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I feel quite disappointed to keep on reading “we are all Greek”, “your country”, “total support” and so goes the list. It’s not that I think it’s not right, it’s only I think it’s the wrong approach.
We cannot frame this problem from the “nationality” point of view. THat way we are only focusing on the effects. We need to address the causes URGENTLY.
We are living a globalization not only in terms of communications, but most dreadfully, investment capitals and financial markets move funds in an amount that is 14 times the world commerce. Just by the click of a mouse. This means a deadly attack to any “real” economy. Continue reading


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This afternoon and evening there were “corridas” in different cities of Spain.

People on one side – “indignados”, Government, bankers, politicians in general on the other.

The M-15 movement is progressing slowly. It’s certainly not having a clear statement but a Manifesto, that could also be the electoral campaign programme of any political party. It’s full of intentions but not a single line of how they are planning to achieve them, nor how will they administrate public assemblies.

The demonstrations today were peaceful and quiet. There were no injured, no clashes with police.

The fact of witnessing such a civilized revolution (see yesterday’s post ) rises some suspicion about how revolutionary this movement is wanting to be. It could occur that going so slow, it will miss the momentum (which in my opinion was already lost in great proportion after 22-M elections). It might just happen the movement and the establishment are watching and assessing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, just like a Matador and the bull would do in a “Corrida”.

It could even happen that, should the 15-M be, as many suggest, a movement created just to alleviate the result of the elections for the center-left parties (which it actually did not), they would also be on the same side than the establishment.

For the bull seldom if ever, leaves the arena alive, what we don’t know so far, is who the bull is and who the Matador, or do we?

Maybe Sunday

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At the heart of a city with the shape of a heart, the day of tomorrow will be, once more, a decisive date for Democracy in slightly more than a month’s time.

A new demonstration  (“Toma la calle” – “Take the street” is summoned for tomorrow, Sunday 19th, by the movement 15-M, also called DRY (Democracia Real Ya), with several aspects to be considered, that follow the same spirit than the one held a month ago, but also with significant differences. Continue reading