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LA TABACALERA Self-managed Social Centre.

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This afternoon was specially revealing for me, considering I’ve been in a social centre in Madrid, which most attractive feature to me is  that it’s self-managed.

It currently occupies a third of a huge abandoned building of around 300.000 sq. ft. There is no reception desk, no information point, there are no plans, no guides. You are on your own, to discover every corner, every work of art waiting to be seen.

I cannot assert to which extent it is actually “self-managed”, but I will find out.

It could well be the hub for a couple of interesting social-political projects.

Below, there are some images.

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Have a nice working week.


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“Here’s something four-year-olds know: A screen that ships without a mouse ships broken. Here’s something four-year-olds know: Media that’s targeted at you but doesn’t include you may not be worth sitting still for. …”

Crisis & paradigms – Are you afraid of ghosts?

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There’s a constant tension between individual and collective matters. And individual ones must be kept within certain limits in order to make a coherent whole, being it called “culture”, “religion”, “beliefs”, “tradition”, and so on.

Tradition (and in times like Easter, becomes quite evident) helps us fill the emptiness. By following traditional customs, we avoid having to decide what to do great part of our time. Otherwise, it would be a huge effort to think, plan and execute activities for such an amount of time in one’s life.

There are other “tools” society created to keep people thinking in a similar way: paradigms or utopias. That way, although there are differences between each one of us, we all tend to move in only one general and predictable direction.

Examples of utopias and paradigms are: Continue reading