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Let’s try the other way round

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One million butterflies will not move a mountain. But there’s one huge difference in our benefit: self-awareness.

We tend to think in terms of achieving a result. These days, I’m not that sure we can make it. But at least we have one hope.

We must act at the very molecular scale of our actions. From the tiniest decision we make no sooner we wake up, to the most substantial actions, following our principles, at a 100%, but also realizing of the consequences our actions will have at a social scale.

To an age of nano-sciences, we should be developing it’s corresponding NANO-ETHICS.

No matter what, any divergence from this narrow path, be warned, will end up in the next spin of this global synchronic financial crisis.

Via “We Are Change”

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Nature and intelligence

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Nature is not intelligent.

Nature does not design.

We must agree on this. If we don’t agree with these statements, you’d better stop reading.

Nature (or whatever you want to call the Universe, the seas, the atom, the weather, our body), hasn’t thought about these things, they are the result of millions of years of “evolution” or “natural” selection, which is an utterly anti-economic way to optimize a product, purely trial and error process.

For any substance, stone, being on the Universe, to simply become what it has become, took so vast amounts of energy, that I could start thinking that it is Nature which is unsustainable by definition.

However, Nature achieves (oops, sorry, actually Nature cannot achieve or manage or anything, on purpose) to be “productive”: alive beings grow in size, reproduce, and grow in number. Energy is all around. Minerals, although not alive and not able to “grow”, they are the base in many ways for living creatures.

But this is not intended to be a poem or a praise to Nature.

What I’m aiming at is that if Nature, unsustainable and anti-economic as it is, finally turns out to be somehow some kind of “productive” system, then I could easily come to the conclusion that human beings, just by applying a bit of intelligence, could clearly outperform this “productiveness” of Nature.

But, yet, this is neither where I want to reach, I mean, if we, human beings, are THAT capable of being intentionally productive (and here we again should agree, that it’s not a target to difficult to achieve) then in the most common situation, any human being could be expected to be amazingly productive. Enough so as to earn his/her living and even more, save quite a considerable amount for the future.

Then why is it that we are in such a hole?

How is it that, in our societies, we cannot afford with all our surplus, to support the weak, the old, the defenseless, the ill?

Society is designed (now yes, the concept of “design” applies quite suitably), in order to get the most out of its individuals for the sake of the whole. But we know that it isn’t exactly that way.

I won’t refer here to the individual experience, that we all know, when studying at school, the typical lazy guy, or at work, people that refuse to give a thought to anything but how to pass as much work onto as many colleges as possible.

I’m sure that any of our societies is capable of sustaining itself and produce enough wealth, as to maintain its young, old, ill, hungry, handicapped ones.

Believe me.

We are the intelligent side of Nature.


Time out!!!!!!!!

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Today, I would slightly change the mainstream of the blog.

I found this article, and said to myself: “I want to work in a company like this”.

Errrr . … sorry, I must confess I DO WORK IN SUCH A COMPANY.

I won the lottery when I was hired by my company. But there are very few. And I’d love to find more.

Because if kindergarten is where you spent most of your childhood, your JOB IS WHERE YOU SPEND MOST OF YOUR CURRENT ADULT LIFE.

Where are the companies that think of their staff as human beings, and focus more in their values to increase productivity rather than the other way round?

Please, do as much as you can, either you are staff or director, to change our working environment, both physically and emotionally.

We should WANT to go to work.

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Some more concerns on slight differences

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There is absolutely no similarity between the feeling of being involved with, and committing yourself to, producing the change of the society we are all living in, on one hand, and the fact of being responsible for the current situation on the other. There is no cause/effect relation in the equation. There is almost no link at all, only that it’s us and we are taking part of both phenomena.

What we must not swallow (and Islanders successfully avoided this poison pill), is the guilty feeling that we are to blame, and that we are living today the way we are, because we did what we did some years ago.

Reject completely this statement. It’s a trap. It’s false.

They want to set us up once more.


1.- Our societies are (still) based on representative systems through parliaments. Maybe it’d be better to start thinking this can no longer be a good idea. We used to choose those who’d rule our countries on our behalf, which had seemed sensible for some time now, but today we’ve have enough solid proofs, to acknowledge the fact that the true power does not lay neither in the people, nor in the politicians.

2.- The current situation is product of a mix of reasons and causes, of which only a very small percentage can be understood as our direct responsibility.

3.- In a representative system, millions of citizens cannot work out agreements to carry out actions in common. That’s what congresses and governments are supposed to be for.

4.- If citizens are to be held directly responsible for the fraud of the financial system (under the statement that they knew what they were doing all the time), then, why are surveillance and control entities necessary? (i.e.: SEC, Government agencies, central banks, etc.). Shouldn’t have we been summoned to have a saying at very earlier stages?

5.- We could have had options of taking action on the causes of this financial-economic-social-political crisis. Ideally yes. But if even the Top-killers in finance and banking system around the world, “couldn’t foresee” the systemic risk, then how the hell would have we been in position to prevent this scenario?

6.- Among the tasks to be undertaken as civil accountability, by ourselves, directly, as citizens, there should be a list those mechanisms to assure that these catastrophes will not happen again.

And nothing like it can be seen to even start happening.

“Flag Day” (The Housemartins)

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