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What all Governments want

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And all the children, he warns ”don’t tell,”
Those threats are sold
With their guilt and shame they think they’re to blame
For candyman – oh candyman


The Problem of Evil on the Margin

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Path of the Beagle

The Problem of Evil was never a problem for me.

I could easily believe that a world with a mixture of good and bad was better than no world at all. I could even believe that God had to allow evil in order to make his glorious plan of redemption meaningful. Perhaps wars must be fought so heroism can have a forum.

Wars, corruption, man’s general inhumanity to man … all this evil on a large scale … I can accept all that.

Rather, it is the small things — what I’ll call evil on the margin.

The Bible says that God “works all things according to the counsel of his will.” In colloquial terms, “It’s all part of God’s plan.” God may work in mysterious ways, but he is at work in every circumstance.

If God is perfect, his plan is perfect. It cannot be improved one iota. Any…

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Tell me …

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Tell me

Preparing 9-11

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