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Disk Defrag

Not so long ago, I came up with the idea that our society (and here, please consider “society” as broad as you can, meaning every single human being on Earth, and the resulting total of all of us), should undergo a process of “de-fragmentation”.

Yes, like we were bits and Bytes, spread all over the Hard Disk, and that we should start the tool running at once, so we could slowly form homogeneous groups, with common interests, with common aims. The groups once identified, would be put together in the cyberspace, like in Social Media groups, or blogging “space”, so they could process information much faster and more effectively.

Historically, we (bits and Bytes) have been split in different sectors of the HD, and didn’t even get to know there were other b&B similar to each one of us. We could not even imagine one day we could form these “groups”.  So in fact, a new social process is taking place, when people meet “digitally”, and share experiences, thoughts, emotions, etc.

Could this lead to a complete defrag of the HD? Could we lead this “application” or “tool” by ourselves? Do we need any order of “Run” from the System to start defragging?

Well, I have to be honest: some days I’m positively sure about it, some days I just hope so, some I fall in deep disappointment.

Today, I am in one of the latter ones.

In the roller-coaster, it’s the turn of full-throttle-skepticism, and I feel we are immersed in hypocrisy, looking for beautiful words of wisdom, to get yourself going, to strive in your aims while, the truth be told, just try and put your head down, that it will be seconds before you’ll feel a foot pressing down.

Is it maybe, that our society is far more rigid than a HD containing digital information to be put together?

Could it be that we form a giant book, in which we are letters that form sentences, then paragraphs, then chapters, and finally a full story? Because if so, then those in Chapter I, would never make it to meet the ones that have been printed on the last page. Even more, you wouldn’t get the chance to even meet those above or below yourself on the same page. We are all fixed in our minimal portion of sheet of paper.

And if so, do we make any sense together?

Has anyone written us all?

Do we convey any message when read in conjunction?

No, no. Allow me today to be as skeptic as I can. We are not a beautiful story.

We are merely a Scrabble box, where all the letters are mixed together, and only come to form words that make sense, if some players decide to play.  Which is no good news either, for even when put together, we might just come across with what? maybe two or three more words, best case scenario? Could we try to form any words on our own? Could we somehow agree on which our message ought to be?

I distrust anyone that lived beyond their 40s.

No one completely honest and truly committed to humanism, could make it too far in their lives, just think of JFK, John Lennon, even Jesus Christ. Do some research and you’ll find amazing (as well as scary) results.

Stop fooling yourself: the world is wonderful, but just as long as you manage to forget (or conceal) you have to kill someone everyday to survive.

Until the day it will be you the one to get busted.


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– Look, I’ve been thinking of developing a platform to build up a social network, through which people can share stuff…. What do you think?

– Well that’s an amazing idea…!!!! But don’t you think that it would be a bit dangerous that people could potentially get connected all over the world? Wouldn’t we be giving them a “too” strategic tool?

– Potentially, yes. But we shouldn’t worry. Exception made of a bunch of lunatics, people are either too scared of getting in contact with strangers, either too busy in their own business.

– You’re damn right! No one will give a fuck, and in any case, we can curb it later on. Let’s go ahead….!!!!


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I’ve just wrote somewhere else (Ok, I confess, it was on Facebook), that the only advantage of the future is that it hasn’t happened yet.

In these emotional days, we tend to assess of our actions in the past year, and dream of what our wishes are for the year to come. And when imagining next year, we might also remember when we were kids …

Ohhhh when we were kids!!!

That time of life when it seems we knew happiness…. But to me, nothing farther from reality. I don’t have that sense of longing childhood, in fact, sometimes I think I would have liked to have some dose of adulthood in my childhood, for being too naive.

Our childhood is that period of our lives, when we believe in amazing things: that super-heroes can fly, that everything has magic, that the world is full of fantastic stuff. Don’t get me wrong, the world IS FULL OF FANTASTIC STUFF. But that stuff is totally different from the one we thought of back then.

When we wish we could keep some vision, spontaneity and creativity we had when kids, of course we are not referring to the naivety of:

– Believing everything we are told

– Obeying every instruction we are given

– Mom and Dad are the best parents in the world

– My Dad is stronger than yours

– Santa Claus exists and he is an old white-bearded man that leaves gifts to children all over the world in the fireplace of every home (although I never had a fireplace at home, and yet, he would come every Christmas).

– I’m the good one, you are the bad one

So if you think some (or all) of these clichés of our childhood are somehow still present in our grown-up society, please be my guest and  start dismantling the scenery, and changing the attrezzo for real things instead.

But I have to be honest with you: I still believe in something that’s only in my imagination: that we, citizens all over the world, get connected in an open network, so at any time, we might be able to act together.

No leaders, no followers.

So let’s not blog just for sharing our writings, our art, our thoughts. Let’s blog to be really connected. Let’s build a worldwide chain.

Let’s wake up, and start designing our world, instead of just wishing a different one.

Let 2013 be a year for action, not dreams.

Stop feeding the Beast.

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The issue with the Beast is that we have never seen it.

But we know it’s there, and we know it must look as gorgeous as Scarlett, and not like any of the images below.

The Beast must be appealing. It’s the only way for it to attract you to its jaws.

At the beginning of times, humans used to blame it on Nature, like when some day a group were crossing the woods and bumped into a giant pile of shit. Of course in the back of their minds they knew it couldn’t be an act of Nature, but the truth was so unbearable, so horrid, that it was way preferrable to avoid the notion that a being of such a size, was real and alive.

From time to time, towns were destroyed, countries invaded and, of course, people devoured by the Beast. But as long as it wasn’t you …  Now, by the end 2012 (in the vespers of the End of the World), we know it. We know it does exist (if we even believe in God, how couldn’t us accept there is a power in this world that sends billions of people to starvation and death).

We know we must fight it.

We are just putting the battle off.

Why is that?

I don’t think anymore it’s because we are denying the truth, or we are blind. I’d rather think that we are making our minds, we are assessing the risks, gathering the wisdom (like the proverb says), to tell things we can change from those we can not. No one sensible goes to a battle without a strategy, some tactics and some chances to win.

The Beast has advantage. It has been dominating people for ages, so it knows how it goes.

Thousands of years ago, mankind was disconnected. When a small town was invaded in any part of the world, it meant anything to the rest of the world. Five hundred years ago, since old Empires became global, a strict control was applied on issues of State and politics. And the populace had no other options than to obey. Nowadays, we have the information, we have the means to communicate, to organize ourselves, and most important, to SURVIVE.

We just have to make a decision of how, when, and where, and make it happen.

For the first time in History, Freedom will have to be conquered by all of us, not “some”, nor “many”, or “almost all”: ALL OF US.

There’s no other way out.

Societies will have to be inclusive and emphatic, or will end up being a mere reflection of any grotty corporation’s structure.

So, where do we start?

It’s not that difficult. Before doing anything else, consider this:

Stop feeding the beast

Cut the flow. Let it know you are not as vulnerable as you were, because you took control on your own life.

This translates in two simple actions:

  • stop voting (The Beast is sustained on you being fully accountable for the situation, you have been in collusion with it, whether you knew it or not)
  • stop consuming senselessly (It also needs desperately your compulsive spending, in order to keep the circle/cycle running)

Changes in our societies, can no longer be conceived as “fate”. To their “designed crisis” we must respond with organized change.

But believe me only in this:

You don’t have to believe me. Just believe in yourself.

Demon Beast


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While a gobbsmacking technology allows man to confirm that the closest exoplanet outside the Solar System has been identified in Alpha Centauri, a hurricane is capable of putting Long Island beside Cuba.

Moreover, it’s becoming evident that a global synchronic financial crisis, is letting the First World population as close as can be, to that of the Third World.

We will keep reporting.

Stay tuned.

2016, if we want to …

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– Download the new update of “Referendum” for Android.

– Download the new Apps “Elections 2016” for your iPad. Free.

– Follow your City Hall budget online with the app: “Public money is yours, too”.

– Do you have tangible proof of corruption from a civil servant? Submit it anonymously straight to Supreme Court by clicking on the link below. Your IP address will be encrypted until you wish to declare before the judges. To disclose your IP address, follow this link.

– If you have already collected 50.000 signatures to revoke Senator NN’s mandate, please proceed to publish your campaign to remove him/her from Congress in the official web page of the Government. Updates of new signatures will be shown on a daily basis.

– The current Government, chosen by the people in free elections, is pleased to announce the call for your position in the following issues, that unfortunately, exceed the scope considered in the platform. Please take time to thoroughly read the document before issuing your vote. You will be directly accountable for the actions to be taken.

– Recent polls show that two years after new procedures for direct participation and decision by citizens have been implemented, a scarce commitment and almost null will from the people to become involved with the public affairs are a reality. In fact, the overall figure of clicks in the whole of the available matters, is significantly lower than the number of demonstrators that, in 2001 took the streets in Argentine (cacerlolazos), or in 2011 occupied the spanish squares.