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You will deny Jesus for 20 centuries, and more …

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I’m a born again skeptic.

Being young, I used to go to mass. I attended Pope Paul VI Wednesday’s weekly general audience in early 1978, and even did so with John Paul II, again in 1980. In between, Pope John Paul I died in a quite mysterious way, 33 days after being elected.

I mean, I had a relationship with religion and the church. But when I was about thirteen, I ceased attending mass, I ceased believing in the church. Still, I admit I do have a crisis nowadays, regarding Jesus and Christianism. I keep strong bonds with the core and essence of Christianism, mainly the concept of brotherhood.

But with all the recent events, i.e.: the resignation of pope Benedict XVI, the election of the new pope, and all the controversies about his past life, I have strong feelings about the Catholic Church (CC), I don’t want to keep for myself, because the CC affects the life of so many.

Not only the power and wealth of the Vatican City, neither all the corruption presumably part of the CC structure. It’s not about the role of the CC in so many holocausts (many carried out by the CC itself). It isn’t related to the involvement of the CC in the politics, international affairs, financial crisis and the fairness of our current society. I mean, it “IS” about all this, but there is, in my opinion, an issue that cannot be justified in any way:

It’s about the kids.

An institution that keeps within its members, people that commit the deadliest sin, i.e.: abuse of the innocent, is not trustworthy anymore. Not to say the ones that committed the atrocity themselves, for they deserve the worse punishment one can think of.

What can you expect from an organization that preaches love between men, compassion, forgiveness, and every virtue desired in the soul of a human being, but then covers and silences, the evil done to the souls of the most vulnerable and defenseless? And what’s worse, precisely when kids are given in custody to that institution.

No, I cannot expect anything.

Being an architect myself, I know when foundations are corrupted, the whole building can collapse anytime.

But this is an obvious notion for anyone. Isn’t it?

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Don’t touch!

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We give Democracy the same treatment as to a God: eternal, unique, all powerful, benevolent and absolute.

That is why we seem to be heretic when we question it.

Because those who do criticize it, don’t see “one and only” democracy but a completely customized one in each country, don’t think it’s perfect as made by humans, not benevolent, because law is not respected and complied and because these democracies are “designed” to replace the former absolute power of monarchs.

So, next time you talk about “democracy”, please be more specific with the concept, instead of keeping on with the “plug & play” definition.

What will you do with those “ill” ones?

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On his majesty secret service / From Vatican with love.

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Having been recently elected, the brand new Pope is rising all kind of thoughts and feelings.

One will have to make a serious and deep investigation, in order to find the real facts of the past of His Highness.

On one hand Francis I (formerly, Jorge Mario Bergoglio), is being pointed as collaborator with the military dictatorship in Argentina, between 1976 and 1983. However, and quite contradictory, he is also described as  committed to protect Jesuits during the same years, and regime.

So, right from the start, there is a big suspicion hanging over him, which he will have to prove wrong with his acts in the next months/years.

He said he wanted to make a “poor Church, for the poor”.  Although one could think he will not forget poverty, or even fight it in the most unequal places on Earth, one could well read behind his words, that he will just take “spiritual relief” to the poor, to keep the social calm and avoid any revolts and/or riots.

I must admit, that accepting the appointment from one of the most corrupt and controversial institutions in the whole world, makes me think he is already guilty. No one will ever be able to revert the current state of the Vatican and the wealth and Real Estate businesses it’s been involved for so many centuries. A man in his position, and having being voted by his peers, cannot be optimistic/naive, about this aim.

The other aspect to remark, is about his statements about the woman. To me, any catholic woman should be on fire today, and demanding rectification and/or withdrawal of these expressions.

Myself, I’m following the page of Col. Chris Hadfield on Facebook, in which he is posting in real time, pictures and facts about his day-to-day activities. It’s difficult to conceive that this and the new Pope’s statements on women, are contemporary, and followed by the same individuals, without any questioning.