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Black Man in White House making non-whites extinct (via THE INTERNET POST)

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So this is the result of being a psychopath without wisdom from your soul.  Watch and listen carefully to all four tapes on the primary aims the oligarchy have in store for themselves.  There exists the elite and the masses, no in-between, no room for humanity no room for industrialisation to cover the growth and restore the means of basic survival.  Darwin may have been a little misunderstood in his interpretations, as he did believe in the eart … Read More


Even Goldman Sachs Secretly Believes That An Economic Collapse Is Coming (via THE INTERNET POST)

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Even Goldman Sachs Secretly Believes That An Economic Collapse Is Coming ‘Goldman Sachs is doing it again. Goldman is telling the public that everything is going to be just fine, but meanwhile they are advising their top clients to bet on a huge financial collapse. On August 16th, a 54 page report authored by Goldman strategist Alan Brazil was distributed to institutional clients. The general public was not intended to see this report. Fortunately, some folks over at the Wall Street Journal got their hands on a copy a … Read More


Banks II

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We can acquiesce for a moment that banks play a substantial role in our societies. In fact, they do.

We’ve been explained that banks mean the guarantee for the vital fluid (like blood) of currency to run through the markets and allow every economic transaction. Therefore, they are at the centre (heart) of our organization as a body.

We all need banks: we cash in our salaries, we pay many or all of our bills, we have credit cards, we got a loan for a new car and a mortgage for a bigger house, all by means of an account and its number.

I can understand so far, that they’ve become necessary by force, to any social activity, as far as it involves money exchange.

But …. if they claim to hold such a social role that they cannot go bankrupt, that they must be saved/rescued/financed by the respective governments (people), then why the hell don’t they accept being further regulated by society?

Why should they always get away with having a social role and at the same time, with the highest profits as well?

It’s not that I’m saying they ought to lose money, it’s only they don’t need to run risks with OUR money, with OUR trust, with OUR future. Or at least, shouldn’t they ask first?

Because it’s us who will suffer in the next crisis, not the CEO/CFO of the next bank to crash.

I don’t really like to see how they “sell” us we are equally responsible again.


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“Our mission is to fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results and to help people help themselves and their environment by providing resources, sharing knowledge, building capacity and forging partnerships in the public and private sectors.”

So states the World Bank in its’ web page “About”, if you want to know exactly what does it do, or at least, what it has been created for.,,pagePK:50004410~piPK:36602~theSitePK:29708,00.html

The first thought I had after reading this was: “How would be the world then, if there wasn’t a World Bank?” It was hard for me to imagine a worse scenario than the current, but actually, there is always room for things to get even worse.

I could have kept on reading and somehow got lost in the huge amount of information the web page has on it. But I thought it might make sense to keep it simple, i.e.: let’s analyze the “mission”. It’s a clear, brief and straight paragraph.

This could sound a bit scientific, but this analysis has to be somehow methodologically and logically framed. Otherwise, one can dive oneself in a very complex whirlwind of data, loosing perspective and worst of all, missing the purpose of the search. Continue reading


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Yes, I know: it’s boring to keep on talking about this.

But it’s difficult for me to understand why people are so willing to accept their part of responsibility in this crisis, and do not impulse with the same energy a demand for accountability from all the rest of parties involved in it.

I understand, there comes a time when you have to stop asking questions and go on with your life. It’s much more positive, productive and constructive. In fact, it’s been a long time since I stopped tracking and counting the amount of money spent in the bail-outs for the different countries financial and banking systems. I ceased asking myself how much is this crisis going to affect me and/or people near me. I grew tired of insisting to every acquaintance of mine, that there are some people making huge profits from this crisis, with absolutely no remorse at all. I had to hold myself back of thinking how deep the consequences of this crisis will shape our personalities, our relationships, from now on. Continue reading

Social Intelligence

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