This old lady …

… has been among us since long ago.

Praised by very few, quite known for some of us, and ignored by the majority, she is not beautiful, although she is not awful either. But in spite of her lack of appeal, those of us who had something like a close relationship with her, fell under her spell, without even noticing it.

She can help us in many ways and in the broadest sense. We can come up to her for advice, regarding a day-to-day issue, as well as for a very deep trouble. Everything is simple under her point of view, because of all her knowledge but mostly for her wisdom. She has the skills to address any issue flawlessly, self-assured, although she doesn’t make any effort to conceal when in doubt.

However, in the race we are nowadays running, we are moving so fast, that we tend to forget her. We feel she does not match our times, that she is of no use, because usually, she answers questions of today, with 2.000 years old arguments. Most of us think that she is not practical, that she lost contact with reality.

She’ll love to put you in trouble, and then, when you are in total nightmare of confusion, she will leave you stunned again, by giving you the most evident solution, the one you hadn’t been able to find.

By proceeding in such a way, you cannot help feeling a shiver run down your spine, produced by the undeniable proof that you are not as clever as you thought, and that you will be needing her in every awkward situation you will have to face.

But this is the news: she is always available and willing to help. She’s docile, kind and nice to everyone. I really don’t know why we tend to leave her aside. On the contrary, maybe we should speak with her more often.

In fact, I’m starting to convince myself she is the only one who will really help us to work things out in these times of crisis, corruption, dreadful politics and skepticism.

Because, what makes us think …Philosophy only belongs to universities and knowledge environments?


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