The Right-eous?

With exactly the same amount of certainty that Socialism (Communism is dead, remember?) has its share of corruption and greed for power, it’s almost useless to discuss whether right-wing political parties are liberal or not or if they tend to benefit the status-quo, rather than support an open society, with equal opportunities for anyone who wants to improve.

There are too many complaints from people who actually believe in Liberalism, about politicians (never mind if they are in power or not), who are supposed to represent this ideology, who seldom put to practice what they preach.

It is mostly perceived that Socialism rules for the majority (????), while the Right do it just for an elite. Since it’s more than evident that in any society, there will always be more people in the middle and working classes rather than in the wealthy top, it wouldn’t come as surprise that in any true democratic system, Socialism should always win.

There are enough examples of this logical approach at present, in Latin America. Not to say, the past years in Western Europe (although in comparison, Latin-American and european middle and working classes have absolutely nothing to do with each other).

Right-wing parties are globally and inevitably walking straight towards a dilemma, if  they openly and publicly support Democracy, i.e.: the decision of the majority. In too many countries, they will have to obey what a “popular” majority will vote, so options – should they want to regain power – will only be:

– Distort democracy, being it by means of withdrawing the vote to people, or simply by fraud; or

– Act openly, according to the “actual” programme.

In any case, both options are heralding inevitable social conflict.


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