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Important note 1:

The concept of “smiling when we kill”, is a concept by John Lennon – Working class hero, as a requirement to reach the top of our societies. In this post, I only expressed my perception that that this requirement is a “quality” applicable to all humans, at all levels.

At first, I thought the expression would be universally known so as to everyone know where it comes from. But I realize it may not.

As if I had written: “You say you want a revolution…”

Important note 2:

The picture is “the Gioconda” aka “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is not mine – Oh no!. I just thought that the subtle smile (if a smile), could well represent the same idea of concealing evil with a touch of “class”.


If I had to say what’s the difference – the actual, key, definite difference – between us – humans, and animals, I’d say it’s our capability to smile…

when we kill our brothers.


Elites Pushing Class Warfare is Just Another False Paradigm

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“Of course, those statements are hard to argue with and calling the ruling class “evil” will resonate with the masses.  But again, Soros is clearly in the ruling class 1%, so why would he, like Buffett, pretend they’re outsiders while stoking hatred toward themselves?”

Representing who?

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“Counterfeiting & piracy cost 1000s of #jobs yearly. Americans rightfully expect to be fairly compensated 4 their work. I’m optimistic that we can reach compromise on PROTECT IP in coming week.” (Senator Harry Reid said in Twitter).

I simply don’t get it.

Hypocrites, they express concern for thousands of jobs lost yearly, presumably due to “piracy”, and want to vote a law to control Internet sharing and, in the end, individual freedom.

Meanwhile, MILLIONS are losing their jobs and are sent to unemployment worldwide, and seems that the situation does not deserve any kind of regulation to the financial markets.

An era that lasted hundreds of years is about to end, we can wait for the change to take whatever time is needed, or we can make it happen right away.

Let’s stay alert.

R.I.P. America By Karl W B Schwarz

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R.I.P. America By Karl W B Schwarz.

Battlefield survey

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"Crisis is what they sell you, while you're busy making other plans."

We must come up with a better model for Society than the “civilized and democratic” one.

Not only it’s obsolete. It has never been true.

Violence is not only physical, but also leaving behind great part of world population, to die from starvation, bear with unemployment, suffer diseases. This scenario means for most of us, the need to develop a cynical and impermeable carcass, to let us continue with our lives as if we don’t notice the state of neglect we are actually and unavoidably witnessing.

We must provide ourselves emotional shelter from the notion that there are casualties growing in number each passing minute, that we don’t know how to stop it, that we don’t know how can that be happening, that we don’t know who’s responsible for it.

Wars evolved from the simplest scheme of one army on one side of the battlefield and the other on the opposite side, to the complexity of the trenches warfare, and resulting simplified again by Air-Ground attacks with sophisticated computer guided missiles.

But if wars were a tool for Peoples in History to regulate demographic growth in order to maintain an economic status, if they were something more profound than “good ones against evil ones”, if they had a wealth accumulation background, we must then admit that modern wars are not only those displayed in the media, showing an army occupying another territory, nor forces fighting terrorism.

Therefore, the level in which wars gained complexity in current times, is that of the essence of war itself, since it can no longer be only defined in terms of a soldiers, armed forces and battles.

Wars will now span a wider spectrum, and will stand for any conflict of interests solved by violent means. They will be fought by abstract forces, invisible, intangible ones in no territory, sea or sky. In fact, it has become almost impossible to achieve a minimum degree of certainty of who our allies and who our enemies are, since we don’t even know anymore who do “we” are.

Banker tells the truth

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Banker tells the truth.

Will he get the sack????

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