The End

It won’t happen that way. They won’t come all of a sudden, from one day to the other. They are wise and clever, so as to do such thing.

You won’t have military or police forces kicking your doors down, to arrest you, and your family. They will not burn your books. They will not fire laser beams from outer space. They will not trigger a WWIII. All those are too blunt tactics, but mostly, they know they would be putting at risks their own lives.

No, it will be more subtle, more imperceptible.
In fact, it has already started, without too many noticing it yet.

One day, as it has happened to too many already, you will find it difficult to pay your mortgage. Then, your economy will shrink slightly more, and you won’t be able to pay for the oil/gas of your car. You will have to sell both, your house and your car, and see yourself having to rent an appartment, and travel by public transport. Nothing of your own. I know, there are millions of people that have been living that way for years, but not you.

Then it will be Education. No more free public education. You’ll have to work like a slave just for your kids to learn barely, to read and write. Same with your health. After that, you will be left with no tap water, unless you pay (considerable sums) for it.

And you will have no option, you won’t be able to have a B Plan, i.e.: escaping to the woods and seek for your own sustenance, for it will already be forbidden and illegal. You will have to even pay for every second of your life.

What will be your choices then? You’ll be free to survive, or free to die.

In fact, that’s exactly what the Bible says, isn’t it?


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