Supposedly, most atheist “reject irrational and illogical unworldly thoughts”. Against this, some may say/think: “I dont wanna have just science as a religion…”.

Let me put it the other way round:

We don’t want to have religion as science.

Religion is fine, if you can keep it in its’ place. It’s like sex, when it’s not where it ought to be, it’s everywhere….

What do you think?

Is there any link between atheism and anarchy? Can anyone be one and not the other?

Wouldn’t one be in internal contradiction, being a non-believer, clashing with your believer one?


6 Responses to “A+A”

  1. You can’t have a rational discussion about what lies beyond space and time. Yet, that is exactly what atheists try to do.

  2. Strawman much?
    Atheism is a lack of belief in gods, not a lack of belief in societal order or peaceful living. To try to link the two depends on far too many assumptions, none of which you have supported here. You simply make a wild accusation and suggest a link. This is not even cogent enough to be considered an argument. Try again.

    • myatheistlife, thanks for commenting.
      I think if you just read this post, you’ll surely get that impression, but if you take a bit more of time, you’ll find there are enough arguments in the blog for both atheism and anarchy.
      Glad you like the post, anyway… 😉

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