I reached the point when every once in a while, some friends leave by the backdoor, without saying goodbye. LOL!!!

Today, I received an amazing advise under the form of a …. threat????

What can I say, everything and everyone have their limits. Some people only rant the necessary for them to let off steam, and meanwhile, they try to put their asses in a safe place. Well, you can just survive or you can lead a life without being functional with the system.

The system has already created its own antibodies: individual psyche tolerance, to bear with complex situations, and over all, when they are condemnatory. There is no purpose in reading Adorno at night, just as any other literature, and then believe everything to be “bonito”. A minimum intellectual honesty is required, when addressing our own, and others lives.


Llegué al punto en el cual, cada tanto, un amigo se va por la puerta trasera sin decir: “Adios”. LOL…  Hoy he recibido un consejo, en forma de  …. amenaza????

En fin, todo tiene un límite. Cuánta gente putea solo lo necesario para desahogarse, y mientras tanto, intentar salvar su culo. Pues bien: se puede sobrevivir, o llevar un vida, sin ser funcional al sistema. El sistema ya ha creado sus propios anti-cuerpos: la tolerancia de la psiquis del individuo para soportar situaciones complejas y sobre todo, condenatorias. No sirve para nada leer Adorno por las noches, como literatura, si luego todo te parece bonito.
Se necesita una mínima honestidad intelectual, ante la vida propia y la ajena.


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