I’ve just wrote somewhere else (Ok, I confess, it was on Facebook), that the only advantage of the future is that it hasn’t happened yet.

In these emotional days, we tend to assess of our actions in the past year, and dream of what our wishes are for the year to come. And when imagining next year, we might also remember when we were kids …

Ohhhh when we were kids!!!

That time of life when it seems we knew happiness…. But to me, nothing farther from reality. I don’t have that sense of longing childhood, in fact, sometimes I think I would have liked to have some dose of adulthood in my childhood, for being too naive.

Our childhood is that period of our lives, when we believe in amazing things: that super-heroes can fly, that everything has magic, that the world is full of fantastic stuff. Don’t get me wrong, the world IS FULL OF FANTASTIC STUFF. But that stuff is totally different from the one we thought of back then.

When we wish we could keep some vision, spontaneity and creativity we had when kids, of course we are not referring to the naivety of:

– Believing everything we are told

– Obeying every instruction we are given

– Mom and Dad are the best parents in the world

– My Dad is stronger than yours

– Santa Claus exists and he is an old white-bearded man that leaves gifts to children all over the world in the fireplace of every home (although I never had a fireplace at home, and yet, he would come every Christmas).

– I’m the good one, you are the bad one

So if you think some (or all) of these clichés of our childhood are somehow still present in our grown-up society, please be my guest and  start dismantling the scenery, and changing the attrezzo for real things instead.

But I have to be honest with you: I still believe in something that’s only in my imagination: that we, citizens all over the world, get connected in an open network, so at any time, we might be able to act together.

No leaders, no followers.

So let’s not blog just for sharing our writings, our art, our thoughts. Let’s blog to be really connected. Let’s build a worldwide chain.

Let’s wake up, and start designing our world, instead of just wishing a different one.

Let 2013 be a year for action, not dreams.


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