New Year is near (haha, sounds nice…).

Time to frame resolutions.

You might not achieve your resolutions, but if you don’t even think about them, where to focus your energy, to spend your efforts, forget it, you’ll never get there by chance.

So, what’s our purpose in life?

We can have the mystical approach and think that we are part of Nature, of Life as a universal force, that has no owner but God (ok, I’ll give you that one), that we are just a tiny grain of sand in a giant and magnificent dune. That we share that genetic code together with the rest of the Universe, being it minerals, plants or animals.

But the thing is that I would like to ask you a question:

Would you resign so easily your life, if you were told that it’s not Nature or the Universe you’re contributing to, but the huge, immense bank accounts of a few, instead? Even the most basic structures in Nature, struggle for the survival of the species and not the individuals. We are the only species on Earth, that have perverted this principle. Contain your rage, we are coming to a very special time of the year… Let’s give it a second (and calmer) thought.

I’m quite happy with my two purposes for 2013, one personal, the other social:

1.- Keep it simple, and starting to achieve my purpose, that’s it.

2.- I’ll rather live fighting than die acquiescing. And now, again, back to purpose 1.

I have a gift for you, although many of you might have probably seen it already.



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