You’re still not getting it.


A friend told me in these recent days: “Jesus is not the point.  We are the point”. Brilliant.

I’d add: loving Jesus, is not the point, but loving each other is THE point.

Jesus said: “Love your neighbor as yourself”, and instead, we’ve been loving him, for more than 2.000 years. Thus, we are at least, 2.000 years delayed. All this fuss about his birth, his life, his death and his resurrection, even the fact if he was or not “GOD”,  is completely irrelevant.

He meant to show us the way, and just like the dumb-ass that stares at the finger of the smart guy pointing at the moon, we’ve just built a church around his image, created rites about the events of his life, mourned his death, and asked for our sins to be forgiven.

He is said to have died for our sins. That is: SINS and GUILT are at the base of Christian concept of life. Then you add a father figure and there you are: the perfect alibi.

Let’s be serious. Like Kittywoo, in the recent post I’ve just translated, praising simple things (almost invisible), close to us, in our everyday life. That’s the hardest part of life, not to feel the joy for the birth, nor the pain for the death of Christ.

I have never understood the pilgrims (with all respect). Pilgrimage (like some sort of penitence), is empty of value for the soul. The best sacrifice you can make to improve your soul, is improve your everyday life, your routines if you want: the shout you don’t give, the trick you don’t play on your brother, the wooden branch you don’t break, the thing you don’t buy, the lie you don’t tell (couldn’t be simpler, many of them are NOT doing things….).

Let’s start to think that even the smallest action of ours, will make not only our lives, but the whole world a better, or a worse place.

Which was the last action of yours, that wasn’t guided by your own purposes, your own benefit, your own survival?


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