Just follow the line…

You know what they say:


And I’m ok with this, as long as you just aspire to your own success, to your own relief.

But the truth is (and we know it), this is not enough. Because it has never been so. You don’t solve the whole by solving its parts.

You will be acting in a inarticulate way, so you’ll end up where you started, only slightly better (thanks to your own efforts).

The worst part however is they keep telling you:

“Be a leader”,

but also:

“Follow the line….”.

How can you possible match both opposite things?

They want you to think about the problem, to understand there’s a big issue, to commit yourself to the solution, but WAIT! Not the way you want, not the way you think. Not YOUR WAY. They already have the solution and what they only need is you to do what you’re supposed to.

If you really want to turn the world upside-down (I mean, if you are ok with the World as it is today, don’t even bother), and really be a leader of your life, of your thoughts, of your acts, we must gather forces.


They are thinking BIG, they are thinking GLOBAL, too.

But they are also ACTING GLOBAL. That’s the HUGE difference between them and us.

So next time you think GLOBAL, prepare yourself.

We too need to ACT GLOBAL.



4 Responses to “Just follow the line…”

  1. Citizenkant Says:

    I’ve been here but I couldn’t find the words, even if I definitely know what I’m trying to communicate. Seriously.

    • Citizenkant Says:

      • Comment from NY OneLove:

        “Wow Henry David Thoreau said something similar about government: “Why is [the government] not more apt to anticipate and provide for reform? Why does it not cherish its wise minority? Why does it cry and resist before it is hurt? Why does it not encourage its citizens to be on the alert to point out its faults, and do better than it would have them?” Dr. Salk says: “There’s something wrong, and something has to be done to correct it and we wish that our leaders would listen.” Well, they don’t.”

    • Look, I’m not saying: “Don’t act local.”. I’m only saying it’s not enough. And that acting global, contrary to what reality has been in the past centuries, today is POSSIBLE. Not even “potentially”, but POSSIBLE.
      I’ll comment the video later. It will take me a bit longer than posting a YT video…;)

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