– Ok, let’s try and reach an agreement. Build a certainty.

– Agreed. Let’s go ahead.

– For instance: 2 + 2 = 4

– Why?

– Why what??

– I don’t think so.

– What exactly “you don’t think so”, it wasn’t about opinions, but agreements.

– But we’d come to an agreement based on our opinions, shouldn’t we?

– Yyyeeeeesssssss, bbbbuttt, only partially. There ought to be at least a minimum dose of objective truth in what we agree.

– But the thing is I disagree with that.

– (….)?????!!!!!!

– That way, if you are trying to possess the truth, we’ll get nowhere.

– Hummm, no, I think you misunderstood me: I don’t want to possess the truth, I just want to reach a truth “together”.

– But you are not being respectful with my opinion.

– Oh C’mon, what’s your opinion….

– You are contemning me.

– Me? When? How?

– Now! Don’t you see?

– Let’s go back to the start. With which part of “2 + 2 = 4” you disagree?

– But that way, you are taking me to your own logic.

– Well, what is you logic then?

– For example, that the first “2” cannot be the same as the second “2”.

– You mean the first term in the equation can be different than 2, and the same for the second? Meaning that 1+3=4 too?

– No, I mean the first “2” is not equal to the second, for one is before and the other is after.

– And …. how does that affect the equation?

– What does it matter how that affects the equation? What matters is that it’s my opinion and you are nobody to stop me.

– You are right, I’m nobody…

– And another example, 0 + 4 also equals 4.

– That’s true. I haven’t thought of that.

– You see? How you are being parcial, and have a biased perspective on reality?

– You’re right, I see. Shall we continue later? What’s your opinion?

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