Between a rock …

For centuries, in Occident, we’ve been taught that our own success will come from the part, and not from the whole.

What do I mean by this? Too many things. In every aspect of our lives, we have been and still are, biased by approaches that tend, all of them, to keep our minds focused in the details and in separate things. I’d even say that in the most holistic approach, it will still lack of global vision.

That would be perfect, more than enough, in a society that caters all its members with some guarantees for survival. In fact, societies actually did, when referred to elements and Nature  (Well, not really at a 100% – remember Katrina, for instance….).

The issue now is that, beyond natural catastrophes, Society (Global Society,  The “Whole World Society”), has become autoimmune, and is slowly and imperceptibly, destroying itself: from the current financial crisis, to the Oil peak, the demographic crisis, the climate change, access to water, starvation of billions of people, energy consumption (waste), and …. (you name it).

We’ve been taught (not consciously, that’s obvious) that we can get through by ourselves (each one of us, separately), and that we have to have a strategy – individually, to solve our own lives. We have, however, some concepts in common that help (do they help?) somehow all of us, along the way: God and religion, our country, our city, our neighbourhood, and so on, narrowing more and more each time, the circle of exclusion, until … again … there’s only …. YOU, remaining. And that’s it.

That’s the best strategy corporations could have ever achieved. That’s the strategy that best works for their purposes.

On the other hand, what would it be like, to gather forces?

Would it be like “Communism”, “Totalitarianism”, “barbarianism”?

Would we lose our identity if we “melt” in a larger organized group? I’m sure we wouldn’t, but we are still so reluctant of the “others” that seems it will still be a long way to go.

We must start preparing ourselves, find a balance between the “individual” sphere and the social one.

We will have to imagine, learn, adopt, develop, improve, new ways of taking care of ourselves.  Nobody else will.

But, hey! Don’t worry. I know your answer already.


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