Be merciful with us, the rest of the World.

Please, don’t vote.

Many thanks in advance.

With kind regards,


2 Responses to “Be merciful with us, the rest of the World.”

  1. There’s probably too many of us to properly educate and inform everyone, but if one stops to imagine the impact this would have, if, indeed, this one true act of defiance was not also covered up with typical media spin, it could be the most significant act in history as the stepping off point for real change toward a peaceful and productive nation, as opposed to what we have now. I will not vote. I simply cannot see the point. Thank you for this posting. It is bold simplistic genius.

    • Cissyblue,

      What can I say?

      Firstly, thank you so much for commenting on the blog, but mainly for your sensible point of view.

      Secondly, I started this blog, a year and a half ago, because I got tired of seeing the same pattern everywhere.

      Third, because I think that now, more than in any other time in the past, we must be linked all around the world.

      Fourthly, it’s not that I’m demanding, but only asking if we shouldn’t imagine another possible scenario.

      Lastly, I added the credits of the picture.

      Have a wonderful week.


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