Ancient Greeks had the privileged capacity to produce knowledge  in every field, from the smallest part to the widest whole, and well as the other way round. This could well be a procedure of approach to build or conceive reality, or plainly consider that reality actually IS utterly consistent, in terms of part/whole.

They were able to figure out the radius of the Earth, just by means of trigonometry, with a few more or less complex calculations.

They also reached the notion of the atom, without actually being able to physically “see” it.

Today, in our societies, we lack of that vision/approach/capacity. And that concerns me, because we then have to leave the true knowledge of our whole, either to a belief, to assumptions, to appearance of events, or in the worst case, to the tale media tells us.

Why am I so concerned about Society? I don’t know, it is something that draws my attention. And even more, although having a field of knowledge about it, (Sociology) we are still at the dawn of its discovery, modelling and managing.

A sound discussion is arising and will gain strength very soon. And the big difference between this discussion and any other previous one, is that it will be GLOBAL.

In the past, there had obviously been “frictions” and “settlements” when conflicts of interests were brought to light, but now seems unattainable to even consider the purpose of addressing a world order (no caps), unless for the NWO (with caps), presumably to be imposed from the top.

There’s no choice.

We MUST RESIST, for which, we MUST FIRST AGREE, and again, for which, we MUST FIRST KNOW – what’s going on.

At present, we have two options to approach the current situation:

a) There are several crisis, i.e.: Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, U.S.A., France, Germany, Netherlands, and so on, or

b) There is one only crisis, with effects in the said countries.

We can now focus on the effects (corruption, political system, IMF, debt market), or we can focus on the causes: CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH.

In my opinion, we should decide as fast as possible, if we are going to climb “this mountain” or not, and if so, prepare ourselves for the task.

How do we know how high the mountain is?

Let’s explore some figures, that I’m sure we all know, related to wealth and expenses of people and organizations at the top:

1) Tax Heavens: 21 trillion dollars and other 32 trillion, from the wealthiest people on Earth, possibly hidden in Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

2) U.S.A. public debt: 15.000 trillion dollars.

3) World main economies debts all together: 40.839 trillion dollars.

4) Some yearly budgets for International Organizations: 

4.1.- UN             5 bn US $ (2010-2011)
4.2.- IMF          823 SDRs (Operational disbursements 2011) (1 SDR = 1.621 u$s in 2011)
4.3.- WB           21.8 bn  US $  (2011 pg 5, table 2 – Gross disbursements)
4.4.- OECD       347 million € (2012)
4.5.- WHO        5 bn  US $ (2009)
4.6.- UNESCO 653 US $ (2010-2011)

5) First 10 Top Companies in Fortune Global 500 add up to 2.8 trillion dollars (FY 2011) in revenues.

6) First 100 Top Companies in Fortune Global 500 add up to 12 trillion dollars (FY 2011) in revenues.

7) We should also bear in mind that FX turnovers around the World are more than 14 times GDP real world trade economy.

This only goes to get an idea of the size of the world economy, and the stupid size of each of ours. We can now have a dimension of our acts, our accountability and our impact in the global markets (close to zero… 😉 … )

You could also put together the amounts of real economy figures against debt ones. Scary.

The creditors will be the owners of the world.

We, common citizens, must start building up our own “model” for our society, for them, they’ve already have one and it might just not be including you.


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