Training or dressage?

You are born on a certain day. What decides which day you are born on? Well, you could say, depending on your age now (and your generation), that it’s nature that made the decision.

Or, … the obstetrician.

I’m not talking about scheduled cesarean, I’m talking about slightly inducing birth, the same as you could provoke someone to puke (if there could be any profit to be made out of it). For God sake!!! Have I gone mad???? No, you would be amazed to realize how many births take place on each day of the week.  And then, what happens with our death???  Of course that is not so obvious, but in any case, for the medical corporation, it’s far quite easier to get away. They just drop the patient.

So we find ourselves being conditioned in our main events of our lives, by third parties. It’s not so difficult to assume that the same goes for the rest of the time in the middle. Of course I’m not saying we are conditioned by interaction between peers. I’m saying we are conditioned by the benefit of others, so you are giving away part of you and your life, for others to simplify theirs, whether this means free time on their holidays, or economic profit, or both.

From all corporations in our societies, Medical Doctors are one of those which still keep some of the original power that former wizards had in any tribal group. So, unless you really want to become a MD yourself, most of times you’ll do as they say. Or you’ll try to get a second opinion, or even a third opinion. So fine so far.

Then they give you the news: “There’s nothing we can do”. But what does that phrase exactly mean? Literally, that there’s nothing they WILL DO. They close the case. There is no medical interest, there is no reason for any effort, there is no justification to spend any resources on that patient. Full stop.

You are then abandoned on your own, with your big or little common sense, to find your way through the time that separates the diagnosis from the departure of that human being. This means that they won’t even give you the information you’ll ask, to make your own decision.

I had a loss recently. But I felt I must put my sadness and sorrow away, and write this, because it’s outrageous the flagrant way that business has tapped into even the most sacred events of our lives.

This is what I’ve found out: We must start resisting the mandate on how we must be born, how we must live, and how we have to die.

Unless you are so altruistic, that you find your own fulfillment in making the rich even richer, ……. consciously.


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