Let’s try the other way round

One million butterflies will not move a mountain. But there’s one huge difference in our benefit: self-awareness.

We tend to think in terms of achieving a result. These days, I’m not that sure we can make it. But at least we have one hope.

We must act at the very molecular scale of our actions. From the tiniest decision we make no sooner we wake up, to the most substantial actions, following our principles, at a 100%, but also realizing of the consequences our actions will have at a social scale.

To an age of nano-sciences, we should be developing it’s corresponding NANO-ETHICS.

No matter what, any divergence from this narrow path, be warned, will end up in the next spin of this global synchronic financial crisis.


2 Responses to “Let’s try the other way round”

  1. Lo suscribo, y procuro practicarlo… no en vano, hace años que constituye un slogan de la sostenibilidad: aquello del think globally, act locally es aplicable a tu propuesta nano-ética.

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