Nature and intelligence

Nature is not intelligent.

Nature does not design.

We must agree on this. If we don’t agree with these statements, you’d better stop reading.

Nature (or whatever you want to call the Universe, the seas, the atom, the weather, our body), hasn’t thought about these things, they are the result of millions of years of “evolution” or “natural” selection, which is an utterly anti-economic way to optimize a product, purely trial and error process.

For any substance, stone, being on the Universe, to simply become what it has become, took so vast amounts of energy, that I could start thinking that it is Nature which is unsustainable by definition.

However, Nature achieves (oops, sorry, actually Nature cannot achieve or manage or anything, on purpose) to be “productive”: alive beings grow in size, reproduce, and grow in number. Energy is all around. Minerals, although not alive and not able to “grow”, they are the base in many ways for living creatures.

But this is not intended to be a poem or a praise to Nature.

What I’m aiming at is that if Nature, unsustainable and anti-economic as it is, finally turns out to be somehow some kind of “productive” system, then I could easily come to the conclusion that human beings, just by applying a bit of intelligence, could clearly outperform this “productiveness” of Nature.

But, yet, this is neither where I want to reach, I mean, if we, human beings, are THAT capable of being intentionally productive (and here we again should agree, that it’s not a target to difficult to achieve) then in the most common situation, any human being could be expected to be amazingly productive. Enough so as to earn his/her living and even more, save quite a considerable amount for the future.

Then why is it that we are in such a hole?

How is it that, in our societies, we cannot afford with all our surplus, to support the weak, the old, the defenseless, the ill?

Society is designed (now yes, the concept of “design” applies quite suitably), in order to get the most out of its individuals for the sake of the whole. But we know that it isn’t exactly that way.

I won’t refer here to the individual experience, that we all know, when studying at school, the typical lazy guy, or at work, people that refuse to give a thought to anything but how to pass as much work onto as many colleges as possible.

I’m sure that any of our societies is capable of sustaining itself and produce enough wealth, as to maintain its young, old, ill, hungry, handicapped ones.

Believe me.

We are the intelligent side of Nature.



4 Responses to “Nature and intelligence”

  1. Alex Jones Says:

    Nature according to the ancient Greeks means a process of becoming.

    I have heard the arguments against God, but against nature this is a new one.

  2. I’m not suggesting Alex, I’m asserting it.
    Otherwise, why haven’t humans been put on Earth at the beginning of times, and ammebas at the end?

    Thanks for commenting and for disagreeing.

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