Do not Come Together…

It happened. Shit happens. For the third time.

I sincerely apologize. But all in a row, too many of you insisted from different angles and in different fields that we must consider ourselves fully responsible for what is happening.

All of you, said it publicly. In your respective blogs. So, it’s not difficult to assume you are in conditions to accept comments.

But the thing is, the bad thing is, that I reacted, I went too far with the wrong person. I didn’t foresee it.

I mean, it really doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong, but it does matter to know what the other person is expecting from you.

When we talk about our personal things, it could be somehow public, but still remains in the sphere of your private stuff. It involves your feelings, your soul. But when we talk about society, we must be willing to start, follow and somehow, end the discussion.

Like when you put your finger in the socket (and believe me, I put too many times my fingers in sockets), we are shocked.

We need some rest.

We need to calm down.

But we shouldn’t stop thinking, nor debating.

I’m not afraid. I’m scared. Honestly.

But I won’t hide my fears.

Hope you can endure. Hope you can enhance your resiliency.









2 Responses to “Do not Come Together…”

  1. Err… ¿me perdí algo?

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