2016, if we want to …

– Download the new update of “Referendum” for Android.

– Download the new Apps “Elections 2016” for your iPad. Free.

– Follow your City Hall budget online with the app: “Public money is yours, too”.

– Do you have tangible proof of corruption from a civil servant? Submit it anonymously straight to Supreme Court by clicking on the link below. Your IP address will be encrypted until you wish to declare before the judges. To disclose your IP address, follow this link.

– If you have already collected 50.000 signatures to revoke Senator NN’s mandate, please proceed to publish your campaign to remove him/her from Congress in the official web page of the Government. Updates of new signatures will be shown on a daily basis.

– The current Government, chosen by the people in free elections, is pleased to announce the call for your position in the following issues, that unfortunately, exceed the scope considered in the platform. Please take time to thoroughly read the document before issuing your vote. You will be directly accountable for the actions to be taken.

– Recent polls show that two years after new procedures for direct participation and decision by citizens have been implemented, a scarce commitment and almost null will from the people to become involved with the public affairs are a reality. In fact, the overall figure of clicks in the whole of the available matters, is significantly lower than the number of demonstrators that, in 2001 took the streets in Argentine (cacerlolazos), or in 2011 occupied the spanish squares.


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