Distortion validation

There is a scale of events or processes we can handle and manage. We can have our home, car, job, under control. But once we step up the ladder for the larger scales, we start to lose perspective, and we dive into a jigsaw with no edges, no corners, and even missing pieces.

I cannot seem to find a single institution these days, in any society that I might choose, that is not under suspicion, that remains trustworthy for the people, without some level of reluctance.

All the events that took place in our planet, from 2001 on, have exceeded any threshold we could have, for admitting some unwanted results. And what’s more, once in front of some pieces of evidence that shake the “official stories” from their very foundations, we start to pull the thread of History and find patterns that repeat each time, since the origins of our civilizations.

To obtain a diagnose, should we want to frame a new structure for our societies (which, by the way, it’s something nobody is asking us for), we face the difficulty of applying some sort of “scientific” model for our societies, for sometimes they behave erratic, some organized, too many hierarchical, hardly anytime flat, and when we try to summarize the outcome, we found ourselves with a mixture all of the above, coexisting at a same time.

Forget it.

Forget your neighbour. I know. He/she came up to you in a kind and friendly manner, but you’ve seen through his/her disguise and you can clearly distinguish there’s an economic end in this approach. There’s no single sign of transparency (not to say empathy) in that move. There’s always (and for sure only) an economic approach in every single human action. Economy is the mortar that keeps us all together.

Fight for  your own life. Save yourself. This is the new reality. This has always been the only reality. It’s a psychotic reality, no “super-ego”, no commitment, no accountability, no “must do’s”. Just your impulses, your instincts and your actions.

Try not to be evil. It would be more than enough, an incredible achievement, if while striving for your survival, you don’t hurt anyone.

Start assuming there’s no big range of action, no big plans, no big deal. Just get your food everyday, see the football match, watch your favourite TV show. What else do you want? Is there anything else you’d like to ask for? No possible control over our reality, but the only driver of profits for the galaxy-sized corporations.

Let me put this clear once more, I’m not talking about you or me. We might or not be fine to some extent. And it really doesn’t matter in relation to the big picture. However, in the end you’ll see there is no difference  between this zoom on our individual lives, and the society we are “contributing to build” (I know, I know … this expression sounds somewhat ironic at the end of the post).

I believe we are kinda starting to like being just another brick in the wall.


7 Responses to “Distortion validation”

  1. ¡Oh, qué extraordinaria coda!

  2. Lo que no pareciera funcionar es eso de que si cada uno hace lo suyo de forma sobresaliente, el resultado final es que nos dirigire mos a una sociedad mejor. Hoy estoy bastante escéptico.

  3. The Translator Says:

    Learn from Capitalism. Fagocite whatever that could mean an emergence of the dialectic principle. Chose tactics instead of strategy. Tactic is more expensive but operate directly on the thing. Marketing and Publicity are the key’s key to decision making. Indirect Advertising. Viralization. Youtube. The question is still, under which conditions do we want to live? Which are the key concepts that we need to spread (all over the world; isn’t it that difficult with this level of technology development, uh?) in order to reach that goal? Are you brave enough to take responsibility for pushing on a new direction? Then fitter, happier. More productive. Comfortable. Not drinking too much. Regular exercise at the gym (3 days a week). Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries. At ease…

    • As far as I understand, and my reading of reality is becoming more and more discouraging each day, the scope of “conditions we want to live under”, relates exclusively to each one of us, our own principles and our personal fulfillment, exclusively referred to those principles, not even tangible achievements (that are definitely subject to other factors).

      On the other hand, it’s proven, you can spread much more easily pictures of cutty kitten all over the world, than trying to get even a slightly different approach from anyone to their everyday reality.

      It’s not I’m giving up (that’s for sure). Maybe as you say, I’m the desperate dog searching for the hole in the façade to get to the food.

      Or that I’m just dropping ballast.

      • The Translator Says:

        Following Popeye the sailor’s example on how to sell Spinach, wouldn’t it be possible to start an Advertising Cartel and design a number of spots focused on building (and this verb goes for you) the Consumer’s position? ‘Cos I know that you’re being careful about not to pressure with your exclusive and personal world’s flavor, but to be consumers is something that we already are, and the thing here, I guess, is that this famous 99% can learn how to be what they already are, quit with being just the black hole of the system and become a power, that’s to say: play their role effectively.

  4. Sounds interesting…!

    I’m not being careful… it’s just that I think we have to grab this situation by the balls and realize we are not only consumers for the market (which is the economic side of it), but also consumers of cheap democracy as well.

    We all must raise awareness of this, that as we buy whatever shit in the supermarket, just because that’s what they’ve put for us to see on the shelves, we buy a candidate, only because he’s been released by the politics factory for you to choose.
    I like that expression you used: “Play their role effectively”.
    We need to learn how to have a grip on reality.

    When 10 years ago I decided to fully repair the engine of my car, there was no choice: I had to buy a book about engines and learn how they work, in record time. Otherwise, I would have been exposed to deception very easily.

    We must learn (I know you said this already) how this machine works, which we basically know already, but we must go into deep, to the very essence of our most internal fears, which leads us all to keep on making the “wrong” decisions.

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