Here, let me share with you this story, in which Cissyblue gives testimony not only of her own personal situation, but also how our individual lives are intimately merged into our societies mechanisms, affecting us, most of times, for worse.
Eventually, you will be able to manage your closer context, but in the end, it’s a difficult game to play, if you want to be aware 360º.


I’m just a very average person.  I didn’t finish college; I was a piano player/music major.  I had performance anxiety.  Couldn’t handle the pressure.  Thought music was supposed to be fun.  It wasn’t.  I tried to own and run a couple of businesses in my 30’s and 40’s; without money you can’t make money.  I just barely survived.  I’m still proud of my efforts.  I now own a little place here in Texas, whatever that means.  It just means I’m not homeless yet.  Taxes are still unpaid, and I’m so broke today I endured major humiliation at the pharmacy this morning when I attempted to put my roommate’s medicine on account there.  I went back outside to a truck that was on E and had been for the whole entire trip to the hospital last night.

Yes, I spent last night in a tiny Texas hospital to take my friend/roommate…

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